17 Oct

Another one of those striking models who  caught our fancy. Jenny may be right on the outer edge of the schoolgirl thing. Light brown pageboy hair, hazel eyes, and a way of holding the camera when she has a facial.

’Jenny’s OTK’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A simple exercise, not much extra is needed for a model this attractive. Jenny wears one of those gingham pattern house dresses which can  just be balled up and thrown in the hamper. Agean takes her OTK, and as usual , she smiles and laughs her way through her spanking. 

Dress up, black regulation panties soon down, lovely. Red bottom, mottled bruises, winking pussy. She stands to rub and flash us maddening frontals.

Lazy Assistant’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Jenny sits in discussion with Agean, who, from the props on the set, might be some sort of film producer. After some scolding, he takes her OTK, which seems to amuse her. Top and jeans, and what we can see is going to be a tight little bottom. She did not come from the bubble butt agency. She reminds us, facially, of another favorite of the CP trade, Natalie at REALSPANKINGS.

She laughs along and stands to drop her jeans. Lovely little sky blue lace-trimmed bikini panties. OTK again, nicely red, panties down, and confirmed, a bottom to match her lovely face.How does she manage to look directly into the camera without that check-the-director sense?

On her feet, bend over for a strap. She then sits to peel her jeans down over her white go-go boots. As she stands, she has peeled her panties down partway, to partially reveal a tantalizing swelling pussy. This is an actress.

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