Corporal Punishment For Being Curious

18 Oct

M/f; time: 23 minutes

We can’t identify a producer for this gem, but we recommend it. A cute auburn brunette sneaks into what looks like somebody’s fetish punishment room. There is a spanking trestle and a collection of implements hanging about. She wears a decorative sleeveless top and a very short mini skirt. We can hear high heels.

A guy enters and catches her. She cowers, but not very much. He grabs her and forces her to her knees. After all, if a girl is curious, and you have fitted out your house like this, why not? Appears there will be no dialogue. He smacks her bottom as she moves about. The tiny skirt rides up by itself. Little white bikini panties.

He ties her wrists to ropes hanging from hooks on a bar on the wall. He spanks her her, soon pulling her panties down, very slowly. Not a peep from her. This is ‘Shades of Gray’ stuff, a bit more explicit, and more to come.

The guy gives her a very gentle flogging with what amount to a very large leather flogger. She is lucky, at least for the moment. He unties her, helps her off with her top, and takes her panties as she steps out of them. Very exotic, slowly done. The girl climbs up and lies on the spanking trestle on her back. Her ankles are tied to the hooks above her, so she is now in the gynecological diaper position made wicked by LUPUS.

The guy ties her wrists and then begins with a round leather paddle. The girl is spread wide. if the guy were horny, this would be the time. He continues with a floppy paddle and slaps her pussy. Her squeals are the first sounds we’ve heard. Flogging again, still mild, but now her bottom, totally exposed in the diaper, is fully red, as are her thighs, well toward her knees.

He unties her and leaves her whimpering on the floor. You get the impression the girl might like to visit this room again.

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