Spanking Lesson -SMACKSNSOBS

19 Oct

F/ f; time: 16 minutes

A narrator off screen will lead two females through a spanking tutorial. Very much an amateur feel. The set is a sparsely furnished sitting room. ‘Ashley’ is the 19 year old daughter, and ‘Jan’ is the “approximate mother,” so as not to insult her young age. The director instructs Ashley to pull down her jeans and panties. Jan Delivers handspanks to Ashley in groups, and the hand held camera checks to see what progress is being made.

Jan is directed to pick up a wood kitchen spoon. Two sets of six strokes. Ashley jumps at the increased pain. The director wants her hands on her head and for her to rotate so we can see her reactions. Shaved pussy. Rather good little spanking for this crude product. More sets of the spoon. And something you won’t see in more professional CP films—perspiration stains under Ashley’s arms. Ashley bends over and displays a nicely bruised bottom.

A hairbrush session next. Sets with the brush, like the spoon. It is more painful, especially the concluding 30-second flurry. Well bruised bottom. No faking here. We got t o enjoy this simple film.

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