Dirty Secret – JULIAREAVES

22 Oct

3M/3f; time: 52 minutes

A German film. It would appear older guyS have the ability to blackmail three girls so they can spank them and more.

In the first episode, a guy lectures an attractive girl for almost 9 minutes before the action starts. She is a very thin light brunette, much in the style of an Abigail Whittaker, and barely legal. She seems to accept her fate and bends over the table. The guy pulls her pants down immediately and gives her a mild caning, disappointing after all this talk.

In the next episode a different guy sits at the same table with a blonde. It looks like what is going on here is tutoring. We know a stinging bottom focuses the mind, at the piano, at the books, at the barre. She is soon getting her spanking and caning. The tutor takes an opportunity to pull up her top and tweak her boobs, probably not found in the tutors’ manual.

The third episode: this same guy is seeing another girl in what might be the parlor of his house. She is soon spanked and caned and HER boobs played with. He also gives her a hard frigging. From the look on her face (we don’t understand German), she seems to know how to make this go away. She drops to her knees, he drops his pants, and she is able to give him an aggressive enough blowjob that we have a decent money shot, good for an older guy.

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