Donna. My Spanking Life – ENGLISHSPANKERS

23 Oct

M/f; time: 53 minutes

‘Donna’ and Mr. Stern. Donna will be interviewed and play out her spanking life. We learn she is 31 years old, was first spanker when she was sixteen by a guy, who didn’t get a kick out of it. She did.

The first scenario: schoolgirl. Donna is a bit disheveled as a schoolgirl. Stern bends her over a bench and begins to spank her on lacy white panties. Bare bottom full screen. Cut back to her interview and then more schoolgirl. A paddle to conclude.

After another five minutes of interview, the next scenario is: Office. A sexy employee is going to be spanked by her boss. OTK at her desk chair, hand and paddle. Not as colorful as the schoolgirl story because the camera can’t circulate.

And the last story. A lazy nurse is caught reading a nudie magazine in the waiting room when she should be working. Spanking, bend-over bsre bottom, and a spanking bench, right there in the doctor’s office!

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