Katie’s Teacher Interview – AAASPANKING

23 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Brunette Katie is concluding her teacher interview with John Osborne. She gets the job, but now Osborne must explain the renumeration comes with caveats, “strings attached,” and why the collection of spanking implements is displayed in front of her. This model can’t resist checking with the director when she spins what she thinks is a good line.

She slowly gets the idea she is going to have to accept a spanking. She keeps looking at someone, as if she were accompanied here. It is rather cute.

Segue. Katie is kneeling up on the table, pillows under her knees and elbows. Osborne starts spanking on her red skirt then on her pantyhose. Pantyhose down, lots of tattoos. Katie should not be a gym teacher. The soft flogger next. Handspanking, two hairbrushes. Panties down, her bottom is elevated enough for quite a view. He pats her, spanking complete. She seems to have enjoyed it. When is her quarterly performance review?

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