Rome The Revenge of Ultrix – ELITEPAIN

28 Oct

3M/5f; time: 66 minutes

A costume drama. At a party in Rome, Ultrix is looking for a wife and approaches Maximilian Lomp about his niece Claudia. Max has other suggestions. In another scene, one of Max’s females slaves tells him his wife is whipping her breasts and those of others on a regular basis. Seems OK with Max.

The wife Antonia overhears and she soon has the slaves in the basement for a lengthy whipping session. Four girls are naked. The first is horsed over a Roman soldier for whipping. Claudia watches and keeps the hair off the slave’s face. Antonia whips her bottom. ELITEPAIN has to use cosmetics to assist in depicting the severity they do, but this model is quivering.

A second naked slave is brought and is whipped by a soldier at cell bars, front and back, while Antonia seeks a confession. The girl collapses and is declared dead Only EP seems to seek this extreme.

Max collapses and dies of natural causes. His property will be auctioned off, including the three slaves. It turns out Antonia and Claudia are freed slaves and can’t produce the papers. So Ultrix gets the five girls, who are paraded naked for him. The stage is set.

Ultrix is in the basement cell again, with his five naked slaves. Claudia has been fastened into a device which is worth watching the film for, in itself. It is a tilted square of plywood sheet. She rests on her knees, bent forward, her ankles through holes in the board, her arms pulled behind her with wrists through holes, and her buttocks through a hole cut just in the shape to expose them. A sort of reverse pillory. Wonder if the Pilgrims thought of this but just didn’t tell us.

Ultrix directs a soldier (looks like Lomp) to whip and cane her. Her upper body rests on a box and she faces the camera. The strokes rock her in the restraints.

The next slave is spread-eagled against the bars facing us. The guard whips her front, an ELITEPAIN predilection not our thing. Why would a slave owner damage the merchandise like this? One naked slave must whip another while she faces us, held in a chock hold by a guard. The whipper gets whipped herself when she doesn’t do a good job. So it will go in this household.

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