Baltimore Brat

29 Oct

F/f ; time: xxxx

An erotic film, too smooth to be amateur. The producer has a fiendish mind. A brunette scolds a blonde for what seems like a long time, only because we know what is going to happen. The brunette wants the girl’s pants off. OTK, black satin bikini panties.

A long handspanking produces bruises. The girl gets up and takes the rest of her clothes off. An overhead shot of the scene shows a bed loaded with spanking implements. No girl could live through this. The woman cuffs the blonde.

On the bed for a strapping, very red by now. The woman runs clear adhesive tape around her bottom and under her hips. A new one on us. Then some teasing snaps with a cane between her legs, vertically, driving the tape into the butt crack, pussy, and anus. Tape peeled away, the woman lubricates her anus and frigs it at length. The blonde undulates on the bed, all red bottom, no face, good acting. She is released and stands. The woman has hung an enema bag from the ceiling. Now this will provide gravity feed unlike any trolley. OTK, the nozzle is inserted full screen, the bottom struggles, the woman releases the water and pumps a bulb to increase the pressure. Maybe the sexiest enema ever for us.

The girl is allowed up. There is no scramble to a bathroom here. Onto the bed for the insertion of a buttplug. Paddle and straps next. Bottom surging. Very hard, bottom almost black.

After a fade, the punishment continues, but the girl’s bottom has cleared up somewhat. Where is the continuity girl? Back OTK for a bit more before she is allowed to gather her clothes and leave.

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