Punished by a Foreign Minister – FETISHFUN

31 Oct

M/ f Time: 17 minutes

A hot little film, with English subtitles, made by someone who is definitally a spanko. A very exciting blonde ‘?ili’ is in trouble. Notwithstanding the title, she is going to be spanked for a messy house. The set is an attractive modern decor, with plate glass windows looking out on a bucolic scene. He wants her clothes off. “My top too?” How would you answer that?

Naked OTK handspanking on the couch. Lili loses count of the smacks, which results in a do-over, but it would not seem to matter. She is a hot dolly who could keep several guys erect. The guy frigs as he spanks.

The guy leads her to the kitchen and bends her over the countertop, crushing her big breasts. Hairbrush. A big paddle next, then a strap. She just can’t keep count. Legs spread, more frigging.

Next comes a carpetbeater. He wants her to guess what it is. And last, a flogger then the cane.

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