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Donna. My Spanking Life – ENGLISHSPANKERS

23 Oct

M/f; time: 53 minutes

‘Donna’ and Mr. Stern. Donna will be interviewed and play out her spanking life. We learn she is 31 years old, was first spanker when she was sixteen by a guy, who didn’t get a kick out of it. She did.

The first scenario: schoolgirl. Donna is a bit disheveled as a schoolgirl. Stern bends her over a bench and begins to spank her on lacy white panties. Bare bottom full screen. Cut back to her interview and then more schoolgirl. A paddle to conclude.

After another five minutes of interview, the next scenario is: Office. A sexy employee is going to be spanked by her boss. OTK at her desk chair, hand and paddle. Not as colorful as the schoolgirl story because the camera can’t circulate.

And the last story. A lazy nurse is caught reading a nudie magazine in the waiting room when she should be working. Spanking, bend-over bsre bottom, and a spanking bench, right there in the doctor’s office!

Dirty Secret – JULIAREAVES

22 Oct

3M/3f; time: 52 minutes

A German film. It would appear older guyS have the ability to blackmail three girls so they can spank them and more.

In the first episode, a guy lectures an attractive girl for almost 9 minutes before the action starts. She is a very thin light brunette, much in the style of an Abigail Whittaker, and barely legal. She seems to accept her fate and bends over the table. The guy pulls her pants down immediately and gives her a mild caning, disappointing after all this talk.

In the next episode a different guy sits at the same table with a blonde. It looks like what is going on here is tutoring. We know a stinging bottom focuses the mind, at the piano, at the books, at the barre. She is soon getting her spanking and caning. The tutor takes an opportunity to pull up her top and tweak her boobs, probably not found in the tutors’ manual.

The third episode: this same guy is seeing another girl in what might be the parlor of his house. She is soon spanked and caned and HER boobs played with. He also gives her a hard frigging. From the look on her face (we don’t understand German), she seems to know how to make this go away. She drops to her knees, he drops his pants, and she is able to give him an aggressive enough blowjob that we have a decent money shot, good for an older guy.

Caroline Grey Caned and Shamed – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

22 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes; year: 2009

‘Mr. Stern’ in a film release other than STRAND, and an appearance by Caroline Grey. We have only seen her with Amelia Jane Rutherford. Stern sits on a couch in a domestic setting, discussing with an off-screen voice the efficacies of caning disobedient girls’ bottoms.

Carolina Grey enters and sits with him. She is dressed as.a schoolgirl. After quite a long discussion, which suggests there isn’t going to be too much spanking in this film, Stern takes her OTK and begins on her pantyhose.The lighting is weak for some reason and the camera is too far away.

Next are some palm slaps with the cane which of course Caroline doesn’t. And here is a procedural variation we appreciate. Caroline reaches under her school pinafore and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. She leans against the fireplace hearth and Stern tucks up her skirt for the cane. A mild cane in all, but very nice facials of the attractive Ms. Grey. Some bend-overs to conclude

Real Cane Real Tears – ENGLISHSPANKERS

22 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

An older Agean and a schoolgirl in a classroom setting. The girl squirms in front of his desk for a full five minutes before there is any action. On his desk are some spanking implements, and in the background is a stool with a dunce cap on it.

The girl finally bends over his desk. She looks a little like Pandora Blake. Agean goes right to the cane, first on her white panties and then on the bare. Conventional stuff.


22 Oct

F/f; time: 17 minutes

A STRAND product, with Leia-Ann Woods and Miss Lina. Leia has been playing with the petty cash and she is going to be spanked. The set is the familiar couch scene.

Atter two minutes of scolding Ms. Woods goes OTK. She is her usual gorgeous self, always perfectly dressed and coiffed. Skirt up, black panties, garters, nylons. She stands to remove her skirt and step out of her panties Lina positions some boxes. Leia bends forward and rest her hands on them for a paddle and strap.

Leia then lies over the boxes so that Lina can sit on the couch and use the implements. This is not the best position, either for the striking or the camera. Occasionally it occurs in these films that they didn’t figure things out too well ahead of time. Somebody realized, because Leia stands and bends over, bottom facing us, for a longer strap.

Lovers’ Quarrel – SHADOWLANE

21 Oct

M/f; time: 54 minutes

A very buxom Shannon Rose and Max Maximovich. The couple sit at a table and playfully argue. Shannon teases Max that he is too uptight. She goads him until he finally will spank her. The OTK begins. A long spanking, panties down. She is a big girl.

Scene change. Another occasion, another spanking. This time a hairbrush is handy. And over the end the couch for a belt. .

Emmily-Jane Report for the Cane – ENGLISHSPANKERS

21 Oct

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Emmily-Jane Howard and Agean again. Agean sits at his desk in academic robes. Emmily-Jane reports to him. The light brunette wears a blue blouse, tie, plaited schoolgirl skirt, the works. The set is the familiar classroom set used by Miss Gillian Lancer, FIRMHAND, and numerous others, the most complete shot of it we recall.

Emmily-Jane is going to be caned. She removes her white panties and keeps her skirt up quite willingly, presenting early and unusual frontal shots. She bends over one of the school desks. She has a solid bottom and muscular legs and what appears to be a full body tan.

Agean will give her 12 hard strokes. Emmily jumps at each stroke and needs a moment to compose herself. Low angle shots are very revealing. When she rubs at tbs conclusion, she is very well marked and in tears. A simple film And a perfect schoolgirl caning.

Spanking Lesson -SMACKSNSOBS

19 Oct

F/ f; time: 16 minutes

A narrator off screen will lead two females through a spanking tutorial. Very much an amateur feel. The set is a sparsely furnished sitting room. ‘Ashley’ is the 19 year old daughter, and ‘Jan’ is the “approximate mother,” so as not to insult her young age. The director instructs Ashley to pull down her jeans and panties. Jan Delivers handspanks to Ashley in groups, and the hand held camera checks to see what progress is being made.

Jan is directed to pick up a wood kitchen spoon. Two sets of six strokes. Ashley jumps at the increased pain. The director wants her hands on her head and for her to rotate so we can see her reactions. Shaved pussy. Rather good little spanking for this crude product. More sets of the spoon. And something you won’t see in more professional CP films—perspiration stains under Ashley’s arms. Ashley bends over and displays a nicely bruised bottom.

A hairbrush session next. Sets with the brush, like the spoon. It is more painful, especially the concluding 30-second flurry. Well bruised bottom. No faking here. We got t o enjoy this simple film.

Club for Spankers – ENGLISHSPANKERS

19 Oct

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Pandora Blake enters a bar. Agean is behind the counter. She is applying for a job. Agean explains the policies of the club, and that he uses corporal punishment to keep the girls in line. Pandora decides not to do this, but rethinks it when she hears she can make 100 pounds a night. “Exactly what does this involve?” Agean will show her.

He has her bend over a bar stool. He raises her skirt. “Very appropriate underwear, my dear.” He begins spanking. She cries out on every stroke, but she wants the job. He explains this handspanking is for minor offenses, but for major offenses, “Take your knickers down.” “What?” After a pause, she does it. “Lift your skirt up.”

Back over the stool, harder and faster spanking. To conclude, she stands at the bar for still more spanking. “Right, Pandora, do you still want to work at the Hot Bottom club….welcome aboard.”


18 Oct

A delightful visit with one of GBS’ older models, only by comparison, and just a sort of college type compared to the schoolgirls, a bit of an actress as a plus.

Sarah Landfield student teacher’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) This film says “Introducing,” so this may be Sarah’s first appearance. The title attempts to define her slightly older age.
Sarah reports to Headmaster Tom. She has a fiercely independent look in her eye. Tom informs her that he has learned she caned one of her students 50 strokes for an offense it turns out didn’t happen. Tom will give her the same caning.

Lovely teacher Sarah must drop her pants and bend over for a nice caning on the bare. After which, Tom makes her bend over in the corner, hands behind her knees, for an hour, She probably would rather be caned.

Next she puts her hands on a chair for more caning. As she waddles around, she tries to cover her front, but Tom wants her hands on her head. She is shaved. A lovely caning—tearful facials, bottom shots, side views. Lovely bend overs and multiple bruises.

Ms. Landfield will be over a tall chair for the strap. But first Tom brings in the little blond student who was wrongly caned to watch. The girl is fascinated as she watches the strapping. After it’s over, the student is sent out, and Sarah waddles out, her bottom even more bruised than before.

‘Kitchen Spanking’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Tom will spank Sarah with three kitchen implements, She wears a heavy red sweater and panties, the latter for just a short time. She doesn’t much like the spoons or the stirrer. Tom loves it. For the next part she must clear the table for more of the same. She keeps her front mostly covered.

‘Nude Over A Chair’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Sarah is completely naked here, unusual so far in our observation of her. She is in one on the most vulnerable of all spanking positions. She kneels on a chair, her head to the floor, resting on palms. This puts her bottom waist high for its punishment. And she must open her knees to maintain balance.

Tom canes very hard. Multiple welts and multi-colored bruises, a bit unusual for GBS. Terrific caning.Tom lets her kneel up to rub. Full frontal, fuzzy Sarah, natural blonde. More csning then to the corner. One of our favorite canings.

‘A Proper OTK’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The story here is that some of GBS’s “educational films” have gone missing, so they will simply make more. The halls are full of girls. Tom sits in front of a black screen, facing a camera. Sarah reports in perfect schoolgirl attire. He explains he loss of the films on spanking instruction. All he needs is his right hand, a camera, and a bare bottom. “I’m sure you know who I mean.”

OTK she goes. Tom will spank her, and instructions are inserted in the film—skirt up, bunch the panties, pull them down, elicit tears, spank harder and faster, put her on display at the end.

‘Sarah’s Bathroom Punishment’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Tom drags her into a bathroom. She is wearing only a man shirt, no panties. He makes her stand in cold water in the tub, which she doesn’t like. Tom goes to work with the familiar Spencer paddle. Bruises appear, unique to this kind of paddle. Tom finishes up on the unhappy Sarah with a strap.

‘School Strokes’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) The School Strokes format with this new model. Masterson spends the first five minutes interviewing her. She holds a cane a claims never to have been caned.

Before we begin, Masterson always likes his girls to show us their bottoms. Sarah drops her jeans and white panties. Masterson notes that the evidence of her previous filming has “almost cleared up.” Sarah pulls up her jeans and Masterson lays on 6 strokes, repeated bottom and face. Sounds like some tears.

Sarah sits for a brief post spanking interview. She laughs through her tears. The cane is definitely not for her. “I have a bony butt.” She drops her pants again and Masterson notes the stripes.

‘Secondary Income’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A story here! Tom is in a hotel. He orders a gin from room service. It is delivered by…Sarah. Tom is shocked. “Sarah? My assistant teacher?” Sarah shrinks and is speechless.Tom asks: “Sarah, do you think they have a cane in this hotel, a big, long, thick cane? I bet they do. We can find out.” Tom calls room service, and after some discussion about this unusual request, the hotel has a cane.

Sarah is sent to get it, and she returns and presents it in the most submissive manner. Terrific. He swishes it. “A good one….take your skirt off.” She positions a chair and bends over. Looks like she is wearing just a g-string. He canes some more, then calls down to the hotel manager that she can’t work here, she is under contract to the school. He slashes her bottom so it can be heard.

Sarah will be caned again first thing tomorrow at school. He takes her down to the desk bsre bottom to show the hotel staff his work. Cute.

Spencer Paddle’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Some scenes of Sarah taking what looks like a fierce spanking from a large Spencer paddle. First on her slacks, then on loose-fitting white panties, which are then bunched. Some facial shots. Sarah is really struggling. Quivering. Hands on head to conclude. A red mottled bottom.

‘The Stolen Laptop’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Sarah sneaks into Headmaster Tom’s office and makes off with his laptop, the one which must challenge Michael Masterson’s laptop as containing the world’s biggest collection of spanking episodes. Sarah’s blond hair is up. She wears a white blouse and black slacks. Very much a Dublin O’Brien lookalike.

Tom spots her and goes to get his cane. She hangs her head and slowly drops her slacks and white panties and bends over a table, experienced.

Wet Tobacco’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Lovely Sarah, her blond hair up and in matching sweater and slacks. She sneaks into a room, pours some powder into a glass of water, wets a cigarette, and puts it back in the pack. We don’t know this trick. She cleans up and sneaks off.

Headmaster Tom enters, on the phone as usual (arranging for the arrival of the next young thing?). He lights a cigarette and chokes on it.

Fade. Sarah is now splayed over the low coffee table, being caned, first on her tan slacks, next white pants, and on the bare. Real welts are clear. Nice shots of her suffering face.