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Punishing Tales – Fair Deal – KANE

29 Nov

M/f; time: 44 minutes two films, released separately

An older film, produced by Josie Harrison-Marks, carrying on for her father. You might have thought making CP films was a vocation the next ge eration might NOT have assumed. A very young Earl Grey is featured here with several girls in short films.

When the pretty brunette refuses to pay the fare, cabbie Grey follows right into her house, into her bedroom, finds a cache of spanking implements, a big collection. He sees his opportunity and her predilection and will collect his fare in kind. He spanks her on her bed with one implements after another. She even takes her thong down herself at one point. She is eventually naked for the cane. She has a smile on her face at the fade. The key here is to pick the right cabbie.

Fair Deal #2 is ‘A Punishing View,’ reviewed separately.

Naughty Ladies Spread and Spanked – DROP-SEATPRODUCTIONS

29 Nov

M/f; time: 52 minutes

Another film from a busy porn town in California. And another one of those studios where the graphics crew doesn’t spell well. Conventional CP stuff, except the title identifies more invasive punishment.

Named: Tammy Tease/John Osborne; Casey Sinclair’s/Trick Dixon; Amber Michaels/ Ralph Marvel.

Osborne spanks Tammy. This is not the British John Osborne. This guy likes to get Tammy’s thighs apart, and, for good measure, he takes her temperature rectally to conclude. Why not? Then into the bedroom for more spanking and a strap. Tammy hurries off to the toilet.

Casey and her real-life husband: A weekend of punishments. Casey is first taken into the diaper position for a spanking on the bare. The next scene—she wears nothing but a kitchen apron, nothing. Another spanking. Ms. Sinclair is very hot here. The next scene, naked in front of a fireplace, full frontals too. The set is all in one room, fireplace, bed, and couch.

‘Speeding ticket equals sorry red bottomed wife’: This episode features Ralph Marvel and Amber Michaels in several domestic spanking scenes. Another hot bottom. These girls are all professionals of some sort.

Coach caned, Bus Blamed – NORTHERNSPANKING

28 Nov

M/2f, year: 2011 ; time: 32 minutes

Stephen Lewis, with Irelynn Longeen and Zille Defeu. Irelynn is a star player and Zille the coach. Seems Irelynn won a food race in an impossible time. She sneaked a ride on a bus.

Headmaster Stephen Lewis confronts the girls and takes up almost a third of the film explaining how he has caught the trick. He will spank coach Zille first. He has taken Irelynn’s place on a folding chair, so he is in position. Handspanking on her gym shorts, and only a perfunctory objection when Lewis pulls them down.

Irelynn is spanked next. She wears a white gymslip and blue gym knickers.
Lewis then canes both girls, one at.a time, their hands on a chair. Little frontal flashes as they move around. Both girls should wear full knickers for a few weeks.

Caned Thief – KOOBOO

27 Nov

F/2f; time: 10 minutes

A woman discovers money missing from her purse and confronts two girls. Two thin models in a sitting room. The woman gradually strips on girl and finds her money in the girl’s panties, in a place least likely to be found by an intruding hand

The girl is stripped the rest of the way and caned over the arm of an easy chair. Looks like a hard caning, at least from the wild marks. The girl arranges herself into the diaper position quite voluntarily, where her wheals are all the more evident. We are convinced. Plenty of target here, lower buttocks and as much thigh as you would want.

Kinky Caretaker – REDSTRIPE

23 Nov

M/f: time: 10 minutes

With Wynter Sky, from STRAND. The opening set is an alley exterior. Thin blonde Wynter, dressed in full schoolgirl kit, is caught smoking and on her cell phone by the caretaker, Mr. Stern. In most CP films, this would be two spankable violations.

After a long scolding, Wynter to taken inside to a faux barn setup. It seems like she has been here before, because after just a short chat, she takes her white knickers off quite voluntarily and offers her bottom. Stern canes her in several positions. We didn’t see a mark.

Thank You For A Good Spanking – PUNISHEDBRATS

23 Nov

MF/2f; time: xxx

Going to assume this producer because of the appearance of David Pierson near the end. Looks like two sisters are going to live together and try to get along. A tall brunette is the younger and will be disciplined by her older sister. She arrives (at a hotel room).

.’The next day’ The younger sister is taking a bath and is pulled out and spanked naked. This tall model (definitely not an actress) has lovely wide spankable hips. She is spanked OTK and sent to the corner.

Fade to a new scene. The girl is in trouble again and bends over a tsble for the tawse, first on her slacks, the old technique to avoid showing a red bottom from a scene just shot. Then on the bsre.

Another fade. The girls are in tops and skirts. Another spanking, with a paddle, over the little antique stepladder PUNISHEDBRATS likes. Next scene, another routine spanking over the couch on the same set.

And for some variety, the turnabout. The younger sister spanks her older sister. Nothing exceptional. And finally, Pierson appears on the set as their father and will of course spank them both. Nothing new.

My House My Rules

22 Nov

F/f; time: xxxx

May not be the title. Anything with Leia Ann Woods attracts us. Of course she has a wonderful bottom, in a professional where that is not unique, but she also has those gym thighs, a perfect carefully tended figure, and real acting skills.

A woman not too much older than Leia brings her by the ear to a couch, in a simple one-shot setting. Leia wears a red blouse and short black skirt. She is soon OTK, skirt up, brief red knickers. Straightforward spanking, soon on the bsre.

Leia kneels up on the couch, showing off those Olympic thighs. The woman gets a few implements. She uses a three-tongue tawse and two paddles. The woman wants Leia’s skirt and knickers gone.

Leia lies on the couch, bottom high over the arm This is more than a domestic dispute.. The woman holds Leia’s head between her legs and paddles vertically. And to conclude, because they had more time on the video, Leia kneels up again for more of the paddle.

Beating of Fae Corbin – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

21 Nov

MF/f; Year: 2012; time: 14 minutes

A woman is spanking a schoolgirl brunette at the wall, skirt pinned up, knickers down. It is Fae Corbin, a porn star not embarrassed but much of anything. The womanstops the spanking and goes and brings Agean into the room. The set is a large gymnasium type space, with a few academic tools but almost a vaulting horse and a stand full of canes. Agean wears his academic robes and carries cane.

Agean takes over and gives her a long spanking OTK. He then allows her to pull her full white knickers on before he drags her to the vaulting horse by the ear. There he gives her a conventional caning on the knickers. Nothing unusual here except the large interesting room.


21 Nov

M/f; time: xxxx

Looks like an offshoot of NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Queen Irelynn’ ( is it Irelynn Longeen?), crown, scepter and all, narrates what is a punishment training film for her ‘minions.’ A “temporary inquisiton squad,’ in the person of Stephen Lewis, will demonstrate some punitive spanking.

The first “miscreant,” an auburn haired girl whose face we won’t see, is taken OTK for strokes of the hand, hairbrush, and paddle, followed by a bend over for the crop. In this last session, Lewis takes down her knickers, little turquoise lacy things uncommon for a minion.

Nice potential for a series. Guess the minion is lucky her spanking wasn’t on a scaffold in the village square. Such a royal touch would have been nice.

Dani Daniels Tearing Up – SEXANDSUBMISSION

20 Nov

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A longer film, of the marvelous adult star and spanking model Dani Daniels being put through BDSM paces. In an opening POV interview, she explains she likes almost any punishment where she is the submissive, and that she is a crier, not from pain, but from sexual emotion. This film would be a nominee for all you ever need to know about her.

Dani will play out a series of scenarios. The first is an office setting, where her male boss takes an opportunity to tie her up and gag her and put her over his desk. Spanking and bottom probing. He cuts off her clothes with surgical scissors. He lets her up to cut off her bra, and she displays an unusual full triangular pubic bush. He flogs her around the office until she drops to her knees and gives him a rousing blowjob. Over the desk for doggy-style, the guy is huge. She screams up a storm from his 8 incher, so he ball gags her, and not gently.

After a fade Dani struggles tied on her knees to a desk facing us, some complicated rigging which took some time. Since her mouth is at the proper level, the blowjob continues. The guy works her pussy with an Hitachi vibrator. Dani can express agony and ecstasy as well as any porn actress we’ve seen.

Ball gag again, some frontal caning. Dani seems to have developed a sheen of sweat.

Fade. Dani is tied and gagged over a desk, all bottom. The guy drops her pants and goes doggy again, very hard. He teases her with an electric wand.

Fade. Ms. Daniels is tied, on her back, thighs wide, on the desk He does her again in this position, and at last she is released for the facial money shot. Quite a performance from both of them.