Luna in South America

1 Nov

M/f; time: 19 minutes

We don’t usually review BDSM films, but this one attracted us. ‘Luna’ is in an empty cell. She strips naked in her own and waits. Very hot. A faceless male enters and manacles her wrists and ankles and fastens her to a short tether at the wall. She fusses with the bonds.

There is a cut in the film and now she is strung to the ceiling. There have to be cuts to accomplish the complicated repositionings. After some typical BDSM struggling, the master lets her down, fastens her wrists behind her back and she writhes on the floor for a while.

Back strung up to the ceiling, in just a cutaway T-shirt and then naked. Another cut—Luna is naked on the floor, fastened in a pillory collar and a similar device on her ankles. Struggle. The master appears and hauls her up by her ankles.

Another cut. Luna is tied with a bar running under her knees. She will be suspended, hanging from this bar, doubled up, in one of the classic torture positions. Some mild bastinado while she hangs.

Back on the floor and in the ankle vice for more bastinado. And last, electrodes are attached to her labia, but it doesn’t impress us.

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