Nurses Know Best – SHADOWLANE

12 Nov

2F/f; time: 42 minutes

A very old SHADOWLANE, before the corporate logos. Models are Georgia Gold, Alexis Payne, and an almost unrecognizably young Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Nurses Allison (Alexis) and Danielle (Chelsea) must deal with a difficult patient, Binky Tompkins (Georgia), who is a hot little brunette who reminds us of the later Samantha Woodley. For that, they prepare with rubber gloves and straps and paddles. They have caught her drinking. There are some classic cures for that.

Binky is summoned. She steps behind a screen and undresses She steps out in just full white lace panties and socks. She looks delicious, and the nurses must disguise their excitement. They started her off, panties down, for a rectal temperature taking. Nice closeup, not always the case with this procedure.

The nurses don’t like the reading, so Danielle takes Binky OTK. Panties never come up. Allison holds her still by the hair. A tight little bottom, a promising film. The nurses switch places, Allison likes her legs apart. Lots of puss. Allison straps her thighs.

Binky must kneel on all fours on the hospital bed. More puss. Nurse Allison crops her. She loves the thighs, all the way down to the knees. Binky then lies flat on her stomach for more spanking. Very nice. Allison straps her, not hard, but colorful. Nice high bottom. The director knew Ms. Gold excelled in this position. Long spanking and cropping. Danielle holds her hair to keep her still.
A surprising SHADOWLANE, suddenly one of our favorites.

takes her OTK, panties never back up.

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