Disciplining Miss Parker

16 Nov

M/f; time: 22 minutes

A British film we have not been able to identify, maybe REDBOARD or WELLSPANKED, very well made. A stunning brunette, apparently student teacher ‘Miss Parker,’ reports to an older guy, and she complains to him that another female supervisor has spanked her. It appears she was caught masturbating.

But tattletales never make out well in British films. The gorgeous girl is taken OTK, but the camera angles are so cramped we can’t enjoy either her bottom or her face. Eventually her pantyhose and panties come down. A nice crying and rubbing scene to conclude this segment.

She is sent away and returns in schoolgirl attire. The guy is going to cane her. She bends over the desk, a better camera angle.

In part II of this erotic and simple film, the stunning Miss Parker has been coming in late, not a good example for her students. OTK again behind the desk, spanking on her bright blue tights. Another nice crying and rubbing scene.

Another fade and Miss Parker returns, still as a schoolgirl but without her tights. Over the desk, the guy spanks her thighs, one at a time. Low shots and wonderful facials. Another fade, and a bare bottom paddling over the desk. If this guy has a lot of student teachers, he has some job, but this one girl would do fine.

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