16 Nov

F/m; time: 20 minutes

Tina’s landlord has let himself into her apartment and ambushes her. She is wearing just a towel wrap. The set in the familiar sitting room where so many spankings have taken place, mostly female bottoms. You can see from the ID above what is going to happen here.

It appears Tina has huge leverage here—after all, the male landlord did ever without permission, and she is wearing essentially nothing. She takes a paddle out of a handy chest of drawers, demands he drop his trousers, and takes him OTK. She takes his boxer shorts down.

The landlord gets up and takes up the frisk position at the wall. Tina gets a large round leather paddle out of the same drawer. What else does she have in there and for whom? She spanks hard enough, and in the process her towel wrap falls off and she is naked. A nice directorial touch. Her estimable boobs could hold the towel only so long. STRAND has been watching it’s NU-WEST files. Tina smiles at the fun she is having and looks at the camera.

Tina switches to other straps and a hairbrush. She is very excited as her landlord gasps at the stings. Lovely nude she is, and this is a nice, surprising little deviation from STRAND. Too bad we can’t see how excited he might be. We are. He is left to cool in the frisk position.

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