20 Nov

2M/f; Year: 2008; time: 26 minutes

Paul Kennedy, Nicholas James, and Wynter Sky. An odd story- Wynter and Kennedy are watching TV. She goes out to buy a magazine and when she returns, 10 years have passed and James has replaced Kennedy. She is the same. Some science fiction not worth trying to decipher.

James is mad and takes her OTK. Wynter is a very tall and thin blonde. Hem of her dress up, print panties, a tight little bottom. She tries to leaf through her copy of MARIE CLAIRE as she is spanked. A long spanking, knickers down.

Wynter climbs off his lap to kneel up on the chair, and as she does, her panties fall to her ankles in a fortunate bit of staging. James will cane her here, using a synthetic cane with a handle. The wing chair is positioned to permit easy facials as Wynter turns to face the camera, mixed in with bottom shots. Closeups are good enough to detect some vaginal jewelry.

After the caning, James will steal her palms, claiming to make up for 10 years of missed punishments. And then apparently James de-materializes.

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