My House My Rules

22 Nov

F/f; time: xxxx

May not be the title. Anything with Leia Ann Woods attracts us. Of course she has a wonderful bottom, in a professional where that is not unique, but she also has those gym thighs, a perfect carefully tended figure, and real acting skills.

A woman not too much older than Leia brings her by the ear to a couch, in a simple one-shot setting. Leia wears a red blouse and short black skirt. She is soon OTK, skirt up, brief red knickers. Straightforward spanking, soon on the bsre.

Leia kneels up on the couch, showing off those Olympic thighs. The woman gets a few implements. She uses a three-tongue tawse and two paddles. The woman wants Leia’s skirt and knickers gone.

Leia lies on the couch, bottom high over the arm This is more than a domestic dispute.. The woman holds Leia’s head between her legs and paddles vertically. And to conclude, because they had more time on the video, Leia kneels up again for more of the paddle.

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