Thank You For A Good Spanking – PUNISHEDBRATS

23 Nov

MF/2f; time: xxx

Going to assume this producer because of the appearance of David Pierson near the end. Looks like two sisters are going to live together and try to get along. A tall brunette is the younger and will be disciplined by her older sister. She arrives (at a hotel room).

.’The next day’ The younger sister is taking a bath and is pulled out and spanked naked. This tall model (definitely not an actress) has lovely wide spankable hips. She is spanked OTK and sent to the corner.

Fade to a new scene. The girl is in trouble again and bends over a tsble for the tawse, first on her slacks, the old technique to avoid showing a red bottom from a scene just shot. Then on the bsre.

Another fade. The girls are in tops and skirts. Another spanking, with a paddle, over the little antique stepladder PUNISHEDBRATS likes. Next scene, another routine spanking over the couch on the same set.

And for some variety, the turnabout. The younger sister spanks her older sister. Nothing exceptional. And finally, Pierson appears on the set as their father and will of course spank them both. Nothing new.

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