Naughty Ladies Spread and Spanked – DROP-SEATPRODUCTIONS

29 Nov

M/f; time: 52 minutes

Another film from a busy porn town in California. And another one of those studios where the graphics crew doesn’t spell well. Conventional CP stuff, except the title identifies more invasive punishment.

Named: Tammy Tease/John Osborne; Casey Sinclair’s/Trick Dixon; Amber Michaels/ Ralph Marvel.

Osborne spanks Tammy. This is not the British John Osborne. This guy likes to get Tammy’s thighs apart, and, for good measure, he takes her temperature rectally to conclude. Why not? Then into the bedroom for more spanking and a strap. Tammy hurries off to the toilet.

Casey and her real-life husband: A weekend of punishments. Casey is first taken into the diaper position for a spanking on the bare. The next scene—she wears nothing but a kitchen apron, nothing. Another spanking. Ms. Sinclair is very hot here. The next scene, naked in front of a fireplace, full frontals too. The set is all in one room, fireplace, bed, and couch.

‘Speeding ticket equals sorry red bottomed wife’: This episode features Ralph Marvel and Amber Michaels in several domestic spanking scenes. Another hot bottom. These girls are all professionals of some sort.

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