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20 Nov

2M/f; Year: 2008; time: 26 minutes

Paul Kennedy, Nicholas James, and Wynter Sky. An odd story- Wynter and Kennedy are watching TV. She goes out to buy a magazine and when she returns, 10 years have passed and James has replaced Kennedy. She is the same. Some science fiction not worth trying to decipher.

James is mad and takes her OTK. Wynter is a very tall and thin blonde. Hem of her dress up, print panties, a tight little bottom. She tries to leaf through her copy of MARIE CLAIRE as she is spanked. A long spanking, knickers down.

Wynter climbs off his lap to kneel up on the chair, and as she does, her panties fall to her ankles in a fortunate bit of staging. James will cane her here, using a synthetic cane with a handle. The wing chair is positioned to permit easy facials as Wynter turns to face the camera, mixed in with bottom shots. Closeups are good enough to detect some vaginal jewelry.

After the caning, James will steal her palms, claiming to make up for 10 years of missed punishments. And then apparently James de-materializes.

Dria’s Judicial Caning – PUNISHMENTSONLY

19 Nov

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Dria is sentenced to 24 strokes of the Singapore cane for disorderly conduct. The model is a tall and sturdy blonde. Her disciplinarian is a small brunette. The scene is a simple room, with a platform. The guard has her strip off her sun suit, and when it appears she is wearing no underwear, extras are earned.

First, a medical checkup, stethoscope and pulse. Next, the guard attaches then rips off a plastic adhesive, under each arm,like a big bandaid, meant to hurt. Odd procedure, and this is not where we would have stuck the patch.

And then a long fastening to the punishment bench, which is a large white gurney-type box about the size of small over-sized steamer trunk. Dria is fastened leaning over one end of it, ankles, wrists, knees, small of the back.

A man enters the shot. The girl guard has only been a tech. He measures the distance to her bottom with a long thick handled cane. The girl spreads salve on Dria’s bottom and thighs.

The caning is slow and quick hard, LUPUS-like wheals developing at the bottom of her buttocks, the crease, and the top of her thighs. She is quivering almost full-body at the end. The filming is repeated from the facial side. Quite impressive. The film concludes with slow motion repeats and the biggest jiggle we think we have ever seen.

Lap Dancer Audition – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 Nov

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A film shot in the familiar STRAND sitting room. A male club owner will audition a tall brunette as a lap dancer. The guy is a familiar staff character, who is not afraid to drop his trousers when the script calls for it.

Now how do you audition a lap dancer? Well, let’s see the merchandise. The guy tells the girl to take her clothes off, which she does, with a little are-you-happy glance at the director. Of course she stops at her thong, but that comes off. Twirl, big showgirl body, shaved.

He hires her, she dresses, he explains the job. Some patrons (this is England) want to spank. Can she take it? She bends over the desk for a handspanking, thong down, then naked again. Is this owner collecting more data than he needs. After using some straps, he lets her dress, after one more twirl and just a little fondle.


16 Nov

F/m; time: 20 minutes

Tina’s landlord has let himself into her apartment and ambushes her. She is wearing just a towel wrap. The set in the familiar sitting room where so many spankings have taken place, mostly female bottoms. You can see from the ID above what is going to happen here.

It appears Tina has huge leverage here—after all, the male landlord did ever without permission, and she is wearing essentially nothing. She takes a paddle out of a handy chest of drawers, demands he drop his trousers, and takes him OTK. She takes his boxer shorts down.

The landlord gets up and takes up the frisk position at the wall. Tina gets a large round leather paddle out of the same drawer. What else does she have in there and for whom? She spanks hard enough, and in the process her towel wrap falls off and she is naked. A nice directorial touch. Her estimable boobs could hold the towel only so long. STRAND has been watching it’s NU-WEST files. Tina smiles at the fun she is having and looks at the camera.

Tina switches to other straps and a hairbrush. She is very excited as her landlord gasps at the stings. Lovely nude she is, and this is a nice, surprising little deviation from STRAND. Too bad we can’t see how excited he might be. We are. He is left to cool in the frisk position.

Disciplining Miss Parker

16 Nov

M/f; time: 22 minutes

A British film we have not been able to identify, maybe REDBOARD or WELLSPANKED, very well made. A stunning brunette, apparently student teacher ‘Miss Parker,’ reports to an older guy, and she complains to him that another female supervisor has spanked her. It appears she was caught masturbating.

But tattletales never make out well in British films. The gorgeous girl is taken OTK, but the camera angles are so cramped we can’t enjoy either her bottom or her face. Eventually her pantyhose and panties come down. A nice crying and rubbing scene to conclude this segment.

She is sent away and returns in schoolgirl attire. The guy is going to cane her. She bends over the desk, a better camera angle.

In part II of this erotic and simple film, the stunning Miss Parker has been coming in late, not a good example for her students. OTK again behind the desk, spanking on her bright blue tights. Another nice crying and rubbing scene.

Another fade and Miss Parker returns, still as a schoolgirl but without her tights. Over the desk, the guy spanks her thighs, one at a time. Low shots and wonderful facials. Another fade, and a bare bottom paddling over the desk. If this guy has a lot of student teachers, he has some job, but this one girl would do fine.

Naughty Girl Guide – AAASPANKING

16 Nov

M/f; time: 11 minutes

John Osborne with the magnificent Ella Hughes. Ella has been sent home from Girl Guides because her skirt is too short and she is wearing “ridiculous underwear.” When Osborne asks to see her panties, he comments “You have already been spanked…this is your lucky day.” A busy shooting schedule for Ms. Hughes, apparently.

Osborne shows her the implements he is going to use, then takes her OTK. Panties down quite soon. Fair Ms. Hughes colors up quickly, as usual. Ella stands and bends over table for a strapping.

Conventional stuff here—Osborne loved the Girl Guide theme. Ella is young and subdued. Because of the size of the room and the placement of the furniture, the camera could not catch sufficient facials of this stunning model. Plenty of glorious bottom.

Cane For Life

14 Nov

M/f; year: 2007; time: 8 minutes

For a cancer charity fundraiser, a young and trim Pandora Blake agrees to take one stroke of the cane for each 10 pounds donated, for a limited time. Otherwise, she could have been cut in half by the response.

We recall ‘Charity Caning’ at CALSTAR, where a landowner volunteers two of his girls to be caned on stage to raise funds, but of course he must condition them first.

Pandora drops her panties and kneels on a couch arm. ‘D’ and Thomas Cameron will share csning her. This posture exposes the thighs a bit more and Pandora gets a few. The production values are on the amateur side, which makes this film all the more erotic as a promise kept in the corner of an office.

Nurses Know Best – SHADOWLANE

12 Nov

2F/f; time: 42 minutes

A very old SHADOWLANE, before the corporate logos. Models are Georgia Gold, Alexis Payne, and an almost unrecognizably young Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Nurses Allison (Alexis) and Danielle (Chelsea) must deal with a difficult patient, Binky Tompkins (Georgia), who is a hot little brunette who reminds us of the later Samantha Woodley. For that, they prepare with rubber gloves and straps and paddles. They have caught her drinking. There are some classic cures for that.

Binky is summoned. She steps behind a screen and undresses She steps out in just full white lace panties and socks. She looks delicious, and the nurses must disguise their excitement. They started her off, panties down, for a rectal temperature taking. Nice closeup, not always the case with this procedure.

The nurses don’t like the reading, so Danielle takes Binky OTK. Panties never come up. Allison holds her still by the hair. A tight little bottom, a promising film. The nurses switch places, Allison likes her legs apart. Lots of puss. Allison straps her thighs.

Binky must kneel on all fours on the hospital bed. More puss. Nurse Allison crops her. She loves the thighs, all the way down to the knees. Binky then lies flat on her stomach for more spanking. Very nice. Allison straps her, not hard, but colorful. Nice high bottom. The director knew Ms. Gold excelled in this position. Long spanking and cropping. Danielle holds her hair to keep her still.
A surprising SHADOWLANE, suddenly one of our favorites.

takes her OTK, panties never back up.

MOONGLOW collection

6 Nov

time: 32 minutes

Not sure yet what this file is. it is C10 in the catalogue.The first section is called ‘Staff Cuts’ and consists of a series of bottom shots, first clothed, then in panties, and then naked.

Then ‘Punishment Files’ begin. A series of girls enter, their punishment files reviewed, and then they are caned, on clothing or on the bare All consistently hard MOONGLOW quality. No faces. Which one was Alison?

The Audition – KANE

5 Nov

M/f; time: xxx

An early and clunky George Harrison Marks film, and more proof he didn’t pay much attention to what his competitors were doing.

Mostly nudie stuff; a couple frolics in bed. Another girl in the apartment sees an ad for a spanking audition. The threesome do some practicing before they answer the ad. There follow silly spanking scenes too tiresome to analyze.