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Act, Look, and Behave Like A Lady – AAASPANKING

27 Dec

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Johnny Lake and Harley Havik. Gotta love these motel room sets. Harley is dressed scandalously, in a top with a laced opening, bare midriff, her thong out above her tight slacks. Of course she thinks this is cool. After a long scolding, Lake takes her OTK on the bed. Lovely straight long blond hair down her back. Lovely slow spanking, slacks and thong down after a bit. How could Lake not be excited with Harley writhing on his lap?

With a segue, Harley bends over the foot of the twin bed. Lake has found a strap with a handle. He is still rather kind with the strap. Harley’s bottom is a nice pink/tan. Lots of full screen skin.

Tara’s Been Arrested – OOHTEEKAY

26 Dec

2M2F/2f; time: 59 mjnutes

A guy receives a phone call from the police. His two girls have been arrested. They are brought home and turned over to him for the punishment he agreed to give. The police will want “evidence” of that punishment.

Ths .guy orders the girls to spank each other. The girls take turns spanking each other OTK on a couch. A wall mirror was placed to catch facials, it it is ineffective—too much stuff in the way. The girls are then escorted into the next room, where 2 guys will spank them together, trading bottoms along the way One of the cameramen gets into the shot, but they just keep going.

The girls take turns kneeling on a chair for a strap, then into the next room for a paddling. Panties appear to be down permanently. And last, a long caning session. The girls are caned individually, then side by side. And the girls cane each other. All quite hard.

Very Personal Training – ATPSTUDIOS

25 Dec

F/f ; time: 12 minutes

Chrissy Marie in black spandex, rolling on an exercise ball, a very erotic device not seen enough in CP films. The set is simply cleared out carpeted space off a kitchen. She rolls and exercises on the inflated ball, and a faceless guy steps in to strap her. Her spandex tights never come off, so in this particular film we won’t see sweaty bare skin against the plastic.

Cherie Tyler Gets Punished – SPANKINGFEAR

22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A simple little film we found very entertaining. A pretty brunette primps in front of a bathroom mirror in what is a hotel room. The checkout instructions are right there on the door. A guy in the room does not like her naughty outfit and makes her strip it off. It is just a halter top and latex skirt, no bra, no panties.

She now stands naked at the wall. Lovely. The guy wants her in the frisk position. He begins with a flogger, and surprisingly hard. The next implement is a short leather Spencer strap, again hard. The girl struggles to hold position. The spanker keeps checking with the director/camera, who must be happy, the way this whupping is going.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer? The girl throws herself on the bed, where the guy completes this entertaining spanking with a sort of fly swatter and a strap. Then, in a nice concluding touch, the guy throws her out in the hotel corridor, bare ass in just her heels. She desperately looks in both directions and will have to plead herself back in. What can she offer?


22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A ‘Jules and Mike Tanner’ film. Jules narrates from the back seat of a car. She and Mike are using spanking to work out some marital problems. We see her sitting on some fancy stairs, waiting for him.

Mike arrives and takes her over a standing knee immediately. Flower print panties right now. Jules has a rose tattoo on her left buttock. He begins handspanking very hard and fast for the start of things. Good camera angles from various spots to solve this confined space on the stairs, including nice tearful facials through the spindles.

She is sent to get the strap, her blue dress rucked up, red bottom. We next see her lying on a pillow on a low wall. Mike whips her with the belt with full arm swings. You have to wonder how many of these wicked strokes she actually took. Views of a rosy bottom and thighs, and a lot more tears.

Now she is sent to the kitchen and returns with a wooden stirring spoon, one of the favored spanking implements in CP films. This time she bends over the same wall, resting on the pillow again. Mike absolutely whales her with the spoon, and she reacts to the pain with shock. Her convulsed expressions remind us of some of the girls on the headmaster’s trestle in LUPUS films. He puts her at the wall to think.

Whipping for the Weather Girl – SPANKEDLADY

22 Dec

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Hey, a story! Well, maybe. A very pretty blue eyed blonde sits on a stool in an interview posture. Kind of refreshing, a very professional lady, not a schoolgirl. She is all smiles and glamor. She wears a pink blouse, gray skirt, garters, nylons, heels. An off-screen voice: “Why are you here?” “Because you are going to spank me.” “Are you ready?”

A guy comes on set and coaxes her to bend over a standing knee. He begins a mild handspanking on her white panties. She seems rather amused and doesn’t seem to mind when he takes her panties down to her calves. The posture she is in eliminates the buttocks crease, so his spanking is reddening her cheeks and her thighs.

The guy takes off his belt and completes the long standing spanking. The weather girl has started to struggle. There are a few minutes of repeat scenes thrown in at the end, including an introduction where the girl is told to pull down her panties. A rare clear bottom.

Kelly’s Drunken Late Home Paddling SOUNDPUNISHMENT

21 Dec

M /f; time: 13 minutes

Kelly stumbles home, quite drunk. It certainly must be ‘late,’ because the sun is shining brightly as she enters the front door. Agean is waiting for her. She wears a scandalous leopard print dress. Even a sneeze would expose something. The set is the familiar mirrored sitting room from SOUNDPUNISHMENT and STRAND.

Agean takes her OTK, very much enjoying her short skirt and what he is going to do with it. Skirt up, she spreads her legs obligingly, better to keep her balance. Black knickers soon down. She kneels on the couch for more, tight little bottom, red. Up the stairs to bed, the sun shines though her window

Casey in PJ’s with Osborne – AAASPANKING

21 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Yet another pajama party for us. Casey Calvert lies in bed in two-piece pajamas, amusing herself on her cell phone. Osborne catches her. She has been talking to a boyfriend he wanted banned. They talk about being blocked by Facebook, putting this film in recent chronology.

Osborne takes OTK on the side of the bed for a conventional handspanking. She puts up a delightful struggle when Osborne pulls her bottoms down. No knickers. She kneels on the bed for more, knees wide full puss. Osborne photographs her bottom with his phone.

Natalie’s Czech Nate Spanking – SOUNDSPANKING

21 Dec

M/f; time: 13 minutes

From the title you might expect the British to push the envelope. Agean confronts a pretty blonde in a sunroom. The girl wears complete schoolgirl kit. She may be a bit post-graduate and slightly overly made up, but she has a saucy little attitude which overcomes all. ‘Natalie’ is an amalgamation of any several British CP models—Amelia Jane, Sam Johnson, Emma Brown, more. She has been sent to school in England and will be subject to local custom.

After a long scolding, Agean takes Natalie OTK and begins spanking on white panties. After a moderate handspanking on the knickers and on the bare, Agean spreads lotion her her bottom, using his little finger to flick her labia, all in closeup. Natalie rubs and pulls her knickers bs k up, not all that disturbed.

Rachel’s Audition

19 Dec

M/f; time: xxx

A short film whose origin we have not identified. Rachel is an attractive brunette schoolgirl. She stands in front of a white backdrop and narrates that she is going to be punished.

A faceless male comes onto the set, and after a cut, Rachel is bsre bottom OTK for a mild handspanking. Next comes a bend-over on a chair for a strap on her white knickers. A synthetic cane, paddle, strap, ping pong bat, even a fly swatter. Very nice filming, a nifty model, a gently red bottom. Give her a contract.