Debbie Does Spanking – REDBOARD

2 Dec

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 1 hr 5 minutes

The REDBOARD dominatrix, here playing ‘Jeannette,’ narrates for the camera. She will discipline girls who need to learn manners. First she calls out ‘Freedom,’ a smashing brunette who is wearing a gauzy pink see-through nightie. After a few smacks, Jeansete has her remove her nightie, including the matching g-string. More spanking, including the huge red board, almost a cricket bat.

Brunette ‘Rachael’ is called out. She is fully dressed, at least for the moment. Jeannette has Rachael bend over for a taste of the red board, which she does backhand. She wants the rest of Rachael’s clothes off. Jeannette paddles the two naked girls side by side. Some intimate frontals as they move around.

Jeannette  hands the paddle to Freedom, who looks a little startled by what she has to do. Freedom can’t bring herself to smack hard, so Jeanette gives her a shot to illustrate. The girls switch—naked Rachael is not much better with the paddle.  Jeannette is having fun with these two naked girls, as is the camera She spanks both on them in various positions, before the girls kiss and hug to end the scene.

In a new scene, Jeannette meets Freedom in a billiard room, where a lesbian encounter ensues. Freedom is spanked and slowly stripped. Jeannette lets her hair down and strips down to panties as part of the fun. 

In a final scene, Jeannette hooks up with a brunette, gets her mostly naked, and spanks her on an outdoor swing set placed inside. 

One of the best Redboards for us. No storyline, but great models. 

One Response to “Debbie Does Spanking – REDBOARD”

  1. Freedom September 27, 2022 at 3:01 am #

    I am the model Freedom. Thank you guys!! MUAH !!

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