Group Therapy Two Girls – SHADOWLANE

9 Dec

2M/3f; time: 1 hr. 14 minutes

Spanking therapy sessions, bit silly here. This May not the title. Girls are brought to see 2 male ‘therapists,’ where they confess their weaknesses and are spanked for therapy.

Blond ‘Miss Van Allen’ is escorted in first. She confesses her weaknesses, too much gossiping, etc. One counselor gives her a conventional bare bottom spanking and strapping, typically mild, SHADOWLANE style.

The second lady is Amber Pixie Wells. She gets a longer spanking and strapping. The acting in this film is typically awkward, except for Ms. Wells, who has a resume.

In the next part of the film, ‘Group Therapy,’ the two girls are spanked at the same time by the two male therapists. They hug and kiss the girls after spankings in various positions.

‘Misconduct Management’. Looks like the male spanking therapist is going to have a little maintenance session with his receptionist. Probably a good professional procedure. The 2 male therapists join to give her a colorful bsre bottom spanking in several positions. Looks like she is having fun, it at the end, not so much.

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