Kiki Cali and Confederates at REALSPANKING

10 Dec

Many films to choose from.

‘Kiki and Alex Paddled Together’ (MF/2f; time: 6 minutes) Masterson wears shorts here; the girls are in civvies. Alex is a bit heavier than the normal REALSPANKING cast  member. Kiki is diminutive in comparison. She wears an off-the-shoulders jersey. Her hair, dark here, is longer and curly.

Alex will be paddled first. She assumes the frisk position at the wall and Betty goes to work with a Spencer paddle. Face view first, then bottom. Kiki get the same, then the girls drop jeans pro forma.

Asher and Kiki’ (M/2f; time: 18 minutes) The girls will spank each other, and they are quite amused about it. They sit on a couch talking to Masterson, Both wear bulky chenille robes. In CP films, these garments come off with a flourish.

The girls drop their robes and are naked. Asher goes over Kiki’s lap first, for a harmless and jocular spanking. Alternate views, face and bottom. Then Asher spanks Kiki. Cute but mild

’Anastasia and Kiki punished tonight’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) The girls report to Masterson in full schoolgirl kit. Anastasia has a dark blond ponytail, and studious in eyeglasses. The girl pull up their kilts. Kiki is not wearing panties, and Anastasia has no bra.  Uniform violations are punishable, we know. He will spank Kiki for no panties and Anastasia must pinch her bare nipples.

After this phase, the girls must bend over a chair for spanking, Anastasia’s panties down now too. The two chairs face the desk, and the girls’ squatting position spreads their buttocks, accessible for the open back of the chair. Very naughty,  very Masterson. He will strap and spank these very exposed bottoms and reach some tender flesh.

’Kiki and Asher Together’ (F/2f; time;  4 minutes 1/4) The girls are in full kit—kilt, sweater, Betty is going to spank them. Betty too has fallen into the fad—she has candy-striped hair. Asher is bent over here, bare bottom, for her strapping. Kiki is amused.

’Kiki belted in the living room’  (M/2f; time: 3  minutes) Kiki and friend gets the strap on bare bottoms over a hassock.

Kiki and Cara in classroom’ (F/2f; time: 2 minutes +) The girls are in  Masterson’s office here, in civilian clothes, not school uniforms. Kiki wears bright yellow slacks. Kiki assumes the frisk position at the whiteboard and takes the large paddle on her slacks, really rocking her. Cara will be next.

The girls report to  Masterson, neat little piles of books, panties and kilts in their hands.

‘Kiki and Cara in office’ (F/2f; time:   9 minutes 234/4 ) Betty is strapping Kiki and Cara in the whiteboard classroom. Betty has dyed pink hair. The girls are kneeling on school desks. They stand and remove their kilts and panties. The girls are sent off to  Masterson’s office. Fun to watch them walk around with no pants on.

The girls wear pinafore tops. They walk into the office bare bottom, carrying schoolbooks and their c.othes. They rest their bare bottoms on the edge of Masterson’s desk.  FIRMHAND has always been very good at fantasy poses like this. Bend over for bottom inspection. Cara bends over a chair for a strap. Kiki waits.

Kiki is strapped next. Alternate views.

’Kiki and Cara sent for a paddling’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) The girls sit in Masterson’s office, dressed in civvies, waiting for him. Masterson arrives with a clipboard and has the girls sign punishment waivers. A good sign. Kiki bends over first, hands on knees. She quickly moves her hair, to facilitate the side view camera. Masterson goes to work with the big board and Kiki struggles. alternate views.

Cara gets the same paddling, side view first and then her bottom. The girls leave and then drop their jeans to show the results.

’Kiki and Cara spanked together’ (F/2f; time: 9+) The girls, in schoolgirl kit, kneel at their desks. Betty will do the spanking here. She is in her candy hair phase.

’Kiki  in classroom handspanked and strapped together’(M/2f; time: 11 minutes) An entertaining interlude in these sometimes repetitive episodes. Kiki and a bespeckled friend sit studying in the classroom. They wear full schoolgirl kit. Masterson enters and he will get right to these two bottoms.

Kiki first, she drops her panties and bends over the table. Handspanking first. The alternate view shows her clear bottom. The girl with glasses, and a lot of tattoos, is spanked in the same way.

Back at their chairs, the girls drop their kilts, then dispose of their blouses and bras until they are naked. Back to homework, naked, always nice. Each girl is then called out in turn and strapped. Very fast. Hard to stand still through it.

’Kiki and friend in classroom’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Kiki, in dark hair, and a schoolgirl companion, in the classroom. The girls raise their kilts and pull down their panties to display their pussies, one of the REALSPANKING humiliations. They sit on stools. Masterson enters and first straps Kiki. Alternate views, face and bottom. She strips naked. Her companion is next.

Both girls sit naked now on the stools. Kiki stands and leans on the stool. Her friend holds her while Masterson spanks her with a stick. Alternate views. The blonde gets the same.

Kiki in classroom’’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki is standinge cornered, wearing a naughty little cheerleader-like dress.  Masterson grabs her and gives her a very fast bare bottom spanking. Alternate facial views.

More of this in parts. Masterson takes her on a bed. No panties. He uses a heavy paddle, very hard. Kiki can’t stay still. Alternate views face.

Kiki’s rough day with the Dean’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kiki sits at a nice antique school desk in the classroom. She wears the kit of sweater, blouse, and kilt. Masterson enters and we go right to it. Kiki kneels on the desk seat and leans over the surface. Panties down, Masterson attacks with a big strap. Alternate views, bottom and face.

The episode continues with Kiki sitting in Masterson’s office, waiting for him. She has returned from gym as directed. She wears white tights and a white sports bra.  Masterson returns. Kiki stands on a stool and assumes the frisk position  at the wall. Masterson  goes to work with his small thick and hard wood paddle. Check this if you have ever thought Masterson pulls punches. Tights and panties down. Massive bruises.

’Kiki sent to the Dean for tarries ’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes part 1) Kiki is standing on a stool in front of  Masterson’s desk,  bare from the waist down, her charm 9s on display.

Masterson straps on this stool, precarious; then bent over the desk, easier. Alternate views.

Kiki and Stella in detention’ M/2f; time: 16 minutes) The girls sit doing schoolwork at a table. They are dressed in full kit. This is early in Kiki’s career at RSN. She wears her dark hair in little girl double ponytail.

Masterson arrives. He will spank Kiki first. She comes around to the front of the table. Her little kilt rides up by itself. He spanks her white panties. Blond Stella comes around for the same. Alternate views of both spankings.

Both girls are then strapped on the bare, same format.

’partners in crime’ (M/2f; time: 5 minutes) A short film done with a bit  of the voyeur style. Kiki and Anastasia are spanked by Masterson. The alternate view of each spanking is seen from down the hall. Kiki first; Masterson uses his huge paddle. Then Anastasia. Both girls retain their jeans.

’phone bill spanking’ (F/2f; time: 4 +) Cara and Kiki are in trouble with Betty for running up the cell phone bill. Betty has fallen in with the candy colored hair crowd. Blond Cara bends over first. She drops her jeans and is striped very hard on striped panties. Alternate views.

Kiki will go next. She wears bright yellow tights.

’punished by the Dean’ (M/2f; time: 1/2 6 minutes) Kiki and Alex study at the table in the whiteboard classroom. They kneel up on stools, elbows on the table. Masterson enters, bares the two bottoms and spanks. Alternate facial views.

The girls climb down and strip to just panties.

two students caught making out’ (M/2f; 2nd 3 minutes) Kiki and Alex. Kiki’s strapping ends, Alex is next. Kiki holds her. The girls horse each other for the strap then help each other strip naked.

2 naughty girls spanked’ (M/2f; time:  4 minutes) Masterson with Kiki and Cara. Betty brings the girls to his office.  They strip off their schoolgirl outfits, nice and slowly, down to just knee socks and maryjanes. They bend over in the RSN crouch.

Betty begins spanking Cara as she rides a stool cowgirl. Alternate views. Very red. Kiki rides cowgirl next.

Masterson works at his laptop. The girls report to him, naked, but wearing their backpacks. Cute. The girls bend over at the wall. Soon they are strapped over a stool. Alternate views.

‘Whooped with a belt’ (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) Kiki and Cara. The girls are in civvies, in the sitting room. Masterson enters, the girls bend over and grab their ankles. Masterson begins on Cara’s jeans, very hard. Alternate views, face and bottom. A brief belting for Kiki.

Betty will take over, and for that the girls strip off their jeans and panties. Both bottoms on the screen. Betty belts both, however briefly. These spankings can’t last long if the shooting day is extensive. Alternate views.













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