Spanking Machine more – PAIN4FEM

10 Dec

Another long film with girls facing the machine, literally and figuratively. Peter and Helen on duty.

The first episode. Peter sits at the laptop controls. Helen escorts in a dark blonde, a little reluctant. She strips naked—jeans, top, panties, no bra. High heels remain. Naughty. She climbs onto a platform and leans back onto a waist high padded vertical post. Helen cuffs her wrists and fastens them behind her, and fastens her ankles. The camera pans her naked body. Exceptional boobs and a nifty beaver trim.

The naked girl fidgets, but she is tight. With a latex glove, Helen spreads aloe over the target area, her boobs and stomach. Peter steps out to fasten the whip to the machine. The pretty blonde can’t help observing all the preparations.

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