Discipline in the workplace – XEROTICS

13 Dec

MF/2f; time: 44 minutes

A longer film we will review outside of our XEROTICS collections. One of those films where no bottom escapes. Elizabeth Simpson is in conversation with a blonde, Linda, not exactly a schoolgirl. Linda is a lazy employee. The set is an all-purpose room, a laundry and a work table. For a film of this length, they can afford the time. Simpson spends 4 minutes scolding the girl before the spanking begins

OTK she goes. Frosted blonde Linda must know office life, because there is a collection of spanking implements on the table. She is wearing a black dress, a low cut cocktail affair, a lapse in office protocol which must make Elizabeth even more motivated. Handspanking on her dress and then on the bare. Just a black thong. And there are a few fading marks on her thighs, from another time.

Elizabeth lets Linda go and she is joined by a male. As happens in these scenarios, Elizabeth has exceeded her authority. First, the male will finish off the blonde’s punishment, a rather silly handspanking over the desk. Then he turns to Elizabeth.

He spanks Elizabeth over the table, then back to the blonde, now employing a paddle, and the same for Elizabeth. The girls side by side. The blonde is losing her clothes and Simpson drops her slacks. Various implements. Lots of frontals from the blonde, but Ms Simpson’s modesty is preserved, as usual. The guy canes them both side by side. They dress and going back to work.

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