Kiki Cali alone at REALSPANKINGS

15 Dec

‘Kiki caught shoplifting’ (M/f; 8 minutes) REALSPANKING gets a bit more suggestive here. Kiki has returned to Masterson, having been caught shoplifting. She wears a white blouse with a bare midriff, and jeans. Masterson puts her in the frisk position and searches her, including a grope between the legs. She faces us, pulls up her top (no bra) and drops her jeans and panties. Then she turns, bends over, and spreads her buttocks.

Kiki dresses, but then decides to expose herself again to seduce  Masterson. He will spank her. As he adjusts a chair for the action, she drops to her knees to try to give him a blowjob,  but he grabs her and spanks. Alternate view camera added. Masterson continues, giving her a terrific strapping with his heavy belt while she holds the frisk position.

Kiki Disrespect’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) Masterson gives Kiki a very fast spanking for a smart mouth. She wears just a sundress and panties here. And long dark hair. After an OTK spanking,  viewed face and bottom, she is sent to her room to wait for the belt, no panties.

Kiki waits cornered. When Masterson arrives, she lies on a bed, pillow under her hips, for the belt. “Hold still or this will never end.” Bottom and facial views of the belting.

‘Kiki/Masterson  masks’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes)  Kiki Cali is naked in the corner, standing on a stool, hands in the RSN position. This must be a film made in 2020, because she wears a virus mask.  Masterson enters the room, also wearing a mask. Kiki has yet another hair style here, dark blonde curly.

Masterson orders her to climb down and bend over the desk. He spanks her with a thick oval paddle in the shape of a pingpong bat. Kiki struggles between  strokes, and
Masterson waits for her to settle down. The paddling is repeated from a side view,. Some may find the mask erotic, but we miss the acting. Back nose to the wall on a stool.

’Kiki over a hassock embarrassing’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kiki, her candy hair as long as it got, enters the sitting room. She wears shorts and a top with bare midriff. She takes up a cowgirl position squatting on a hassock, a bolster under her stomach. Masterson enters—he is wearing cargo shorts. Kiki stands and drops her shorts and panties and resumes position.

Masterson handspanks her fast and very hard. She is tiny—he has to keep her still with his left hand Nice facials. The spanking is repeated from the rear view, where the embarrassment is created by her thighs spread to the max by the hassock. Ms. Cali is not one of the shy models.

Kiki is sent bare bottom to the kitchen for a wooden spoon and stirrer. She removes her spanking position on the hassock. Masterson spanks her again, very hard with both implements. This punishment is scene once again from the front facial and the spread thighs. Nice bend over presentation to conclude.

‘Kiki sent to the Dean’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Kiki, in full kit, reports to Masterson and hands him a note, surely a bad one on her. He makes her stand on a stool in front of his desk, and drop her panties, on full display, turning front and back. Sweet, Kiki never better. The perfect humiliation.

Kiki bends forward and leans on the desk. She gets a fast whacking with a big razor strop, struggling to hold position. Face and rear views. On the stool, she takes the rest  of her clothes off, covering her face in embarrassment. And she is so exposed. She doesn’t know what to cover with her hands. Still standing on the stool, naked, Masterson rocks her with a huge paddle. Struggle to hold. Face and rear views.

‘Kiki and Masterson’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Masterson hurries Kiki waits in the classroom, kneeling erect. She wears white tights and a pink top. Long dark hair here, one of many styles for her. She is ordered to drop her tights and panties. He straps her with a big Spencer strap. She bends forward to rest her elbows on the floor. Alternate views, face and rear. Her entire bottom is a red-purple bruise.

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