Schoolgirls – REALSPANKING

16 Dec

MF/3f; time: 37 minutes

The long-form film format from this producer. Two schoolgirls will be punished by a woman who does not look much older than they are. It is ‘Shannon.’ The girls wear standard schoolie issue—tartan kilts, blue sweaters, blouses, ties.

The set is an empty room. Shannon has brought a bag of spanking implements and shows them to the girls, together with a “permission slip” from their parents. This is meant to be a spanking in the Principal’s office. “I guess you’re first, Sarah.” She gets a hard OTK spanking on her white American panties, a good omen. The second girl gets the same. Next, both girls are handspanked in the frisk position on bunched white panties.

Scene change. The girls are now in civvies. “This is what happens with tardy students. I want you to take your pants off.” The girls drop their jeans and bend over side by side facing in opposite directions for a leather paddle. The acting is cringe-worthy. The director should stop the film and paddle that domme! The girls rotate for the paddle.

In another scene, the girls are dressed differently. At least they brought a lot of clothes to this shoot. The girls drop their shorts and are paddled on their thongs.

Another wardrobe change. The ladies now wear sports bras and shorts. We will see how much of a workout this becomes. The girls are ‘horsed’ for a huge strap.

Now, in formulaic style, a male appears on the scene and will give Shannon what she has been dishing out to the students. She is spanked and paddled in various positions. The film will conclude with Shannon turning to the two students again. Things have survived the entire film. The cane does appear the the end, and the male will paddle Shannon in front of the girls.

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