Job Appointment – KURTSTEVENS

17 Dec

F/f; time: 34 minutes

An old and clunky film we have not identified yet—the production values but not the exact subject matter of NU-WEST, and at first viewing not clever enough for ROUE or BLUSHES. The TV on the set looks to be 1980’s or earlier. From the lighting, acting, and tone, we will assign it to KURTSTEVENS.

A girl answers a newspaper ad for some sort of job interview about dog training. She shows up at the designated place, and is short order the woman who greets her throws her on the floor. “What are you doing?” “You are just what we are looking for.” The girl’s wrists and ankles are soon tied. She is not much of a fighter.

The woman lefts her struggle awhile BDSM style, then returns, pulls down her pink slacks, and paddles her on her black panties. She gets a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits for some use and puts a dog collar and chain leash on her.

A guy enters the room. Faces are being disguised more or less, either by design or because of amateur filming. They torment the girl, get her on her knees, and pull her panties down. After a full cut, the girl is naked, strung up to a frame. This crew could not find a way to transition to this shot. They both flog her mildly as she swings, mostly suspended. An untended pubic bush helps date this film.

Some sort of harness is put on her head, it is a gag. Clothes pins are attached to her nipples and pubic hair. She screams and twists as they torment her, even to the point where the gag comes loose.

Onto the floor, they tied to a St, Andrews cross, laying flat. Some candle wax dripping and ice cube teasing, the purpose clear but the execution awkward. And then, a new tool for us. A paddle shaped device with long nails sticking out. They rake her exposed skin with it. All kind of mild. And smooth teasing with the metal stud side of a double sided hair brush. It would have been fun if the phone has rung with another applicant calling at this point.

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