Leia Ann Woods Misc

19 Dec

BDSM film’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) A THEGATE production with ‘Keith.’ We think this is Ms. Woods.. She is naked, in a bathtub, wearing a dog collar and leash, being tormented by a guy.

Leia is led to the basement, where she will be tortured in a sort of playroom. We won’t detail the typical bdsm moves, except to say there is a lot of focus on her bottom, not all that common in bdsm in our experience.

Flogging, labia clamps, stress positions and a bit of PT. An electric chastity belt takes a while to put on. Leia is a perfect actress to watch standing naked during this interval. Her nipples suggest this interlude in her career excites her.

‘Leia and Her Pimp’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) SPANKEDCALLGIRLS Leia Ann Woods and Danny Creighton. He is her pimp, and she has been doing some business on the side. Leia wears one of her black and white outfits, very cute, especially the short kilt-like skirt and black knee socks. She is almost stylish, either dressed or naked. The set is a bedroom.

Danny begins spanking her as she lies over the foot on the bed. Kilt up, black thong, nice low shots up her wonderful legs. She kneels up and rests on her elbows to elevate her bottom for the shot. Thong down finally, the well acted spanking is completed. They hug, and the working girl can go back to her job, red but otherwise in good shape.

‘My House My Rules’ (F/f) May not be the title. Anything with Leia Ann Woods attracts us. Of course she has a wonderful bottom, in a professional where that is not unique, but she also has those gym thighs, a perfect carefully tended figure, and real acting skills.

A woman not too much older than Leia brings her by the ear to a couch, in a simple one-shot setting. Leia wears a red blouse and short black skirt. She is soon OTK, skirt up, brief red knickers. Straightforward spanking, soon on the bare.Leia kneels up on the couch, showing off those Olympic thighs. The woman gets a few implements. She uses a three-tongue tawse and two paddles. The woman wants Leia’s skirt and knickers gone.

Leia lies on the couch, bottom high over the arm This is more than a domestic dispute.. The woman holds Leia’s head between her legs and paddles vertically. And to conclude, because they had more time on the video, Leia kneels up again for more of the paddle.

‘To Cure a Lazy Wife’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A short REDSTRIPE film easier to file here. Leia with Agean, here credited as ‘Master Magnus.’ The set is the stone country house seen in many XEROTICS distributions.

Leia sits on the patio, lounging, reading and sipping wine. She wears a skimpy dress which won’t get in the way of much. Agean pulls up. “You’re home early.” Agean marches her into a messy kitchen. She gets a standing spanking and then OTK, red knickers. Agean pulls them down. A graphic says “Worse to come. To be continued.”

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