22 Dec

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A ‘Jules and Mike Tanner’ film. Jules narrates from the back seat of a car. She and Mike are using spanking to work out some marital problems. We see her sitting on some fancy stairs, waiting for him.

Mike arrives and takes her over a standing knee immediately. Flower print panties right now. Jules has a rose tattoo on her left buttock. He begins handspanking very hard and fast for the start of things. Good camera angles from various spots to solve this confined space on the stairs, including nice tearful facials through the spindles.

She is sent to get the strap, her blue dress rucked up, red bottom. We next see her lying on a pillow on a low wall. Mike whips her with the belt with full arm swings. You have to wonder how many of these wicked strokes she actually took. Views of a rosy bottom and thighs, and a lot more tears.

Now she is sent to the kitchen and returns with a wooden stirring spoon, one of the favored spanking implements in CP films. This time she bends over the same wall, resting on the pillow again. Mike absolutely whales her with the spoon, and she reacts to the pain with shock. Her convulsed expressions remind us of some of the girls on the headmaster’s trestle in LUPUS films. He puts her at the wall to think.

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