Whipping for the Weather Girl – SPANKEDLADY

22 Dec

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Hey, a story! Well, maybe. A very pretty blue eyed blonde sits on a stool in an interview posture. Kind of refreshing, a very professional lady, not a schoolgirl. She is all smiles and glamor. She wears a pink blouse, gray skirt, garters, nylons, heels. An off-screen voice: “Why are you here?” “Because you are going to spank me.” “Are you ready?”

A guy comes on set and coaxes her to bend over a standing knee. He begins a mild handspanking on her white panties. She seems rather amused and doesn’t seem to mind when he takes her panties down to her calves. The posture she is in eliminates the buttocks crease, so his spanking is reddening her cheeks and her thighs.

The guy takes off his belt and completes the long standing spanking. The weather girl has started to struggle. There are a few minutes of repeat scenes thrown in at the end, including an introduction where the girl is told to pull down her panties. A rare clear bottom.

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