Tara’s Been Arrested – OOHTEEKAY

26 Dec

2M2F/2f; time: 59 mjnutes

A guy receives a phone call from the police. His two girls have been arrested. They are brought home and turned over to him for the punishment he agreed to give. The police will want “evidence” of that punishment.

Ths .guy orders the girls to spank each other. The girls take turns spanking each other OTK on a couch. A wall mirror was placed to catch facials, it it is ineffective—too much stuff in the way. The girls are then escorted into the next room, where 2 guys will spank them together, trading bottoms along the way One of the cameramen gets into the shot, but they just keep going.

The girls take turns kneeling on a chair for a strap, then into the next room for a paddling. Panties appear to be down permanently. And last, a long caning session. The girls are caned individually, then side by side. And the girls cane each other. All quite hard.

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