XEROTICS #5- Michael Stamp

27 Jan

Michael Stamp and girls

Chaise Longue spanking’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Michael Stamp and Rosie Ann in a bit of theatrics for this genre. Rosie kneels on a sort of divan  on an  otherwise blank stage. Stamp will be spanking her on her denim shorts, which she soon pulls down, to display pantyhose and white knickers.

Handspanking continues, pantyhose soon down, as well as the knickers. In this pose, Rosie displays her full vagina as well as some jewelry. After a fade, she has assumed the diaper position, where everything is displayed. We’d suggest not many models are so willing. Almost clinical camera angles from the  rear. Rosie has hooked her feet over the curved head of the divan  to facilitate this view. An unusual film.

Caught Stealing’ (M/2f;  time: 14 minutes) Another unusual, non-prototype film. Should we credit this to Michael Stamp? And he appears with some of the same models—all in a day’s shoot? Chessie and Rosie Ann, both wearing purple smocks, are rooting through a farm cupboard when Stamp catches them pocketing things. 

Thieving girls, before their  bottoms are attended to, usually get palm slaps. Stamp has a big strap. Next, the girls lie over both ends of a large  vaulting horse. Where did this come  from? Smocks up, Stamp smacks both sets of white knickers. Down they come for more spanking.

The girls come around and lean over the horse, two pink bare bottoms. Lefthanded Stamp spanks hard. Naughty Chessie even spreads her thighs. The girls climb up on the horse and sit astride and bend forward for a cowgirl spanking. Climb down, display, knickers back on. Some creativity here. 

Cheerleaders for Christ’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Michael Stamp dressed as a priest, Chessie, and another girl. The girls wear cheerleaders’ uniforms. After they fight, Stamp tgives them both ineffectual bare bottom OTK spankings.

Cheerleaders fight’ (M/2f; time; 14 minutes) Michael Stamp with his two girls again, Chessie and Rosie Ann. The girls are cheerleaders, sitting on  a locker room bench. They are teasing and fighting with each other. Stamp will try  to spank some sense into them. Chessie kneels on all fours for a strap while Rosie holds her still. Handspanking first. the girls’ bottoms retain pink from the day’s work so far.

Rosie gets the same spanking. Stamp moves from bottom to bottom. Knickers down, slipper for both. Not much to see here.

Chessie’s Chair’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Michael Stamp with Chessie in a slightly inventive film for XEROTICS. On a blank stage, Chessie strips naked, taking off finally a sports bra and knickers. Big boobs, a showgirl. She will perform with a chair.

Chessie bends over the chair, full puss. Stamp handspanks her pink, she kneels on the chair, handspanking. Next position, she lies across the chair, Stamp adjusts her to get her bottom just right. A sexy showgirl she is. The next chair position is the classic cowgirl. Knees wide, full puss. Graphic. Chessie wears nothing but ChuckTaylor All-Star shoes.

We are reminded of the oft-cited pictorial in JANUS of a naked girl in a chair.

‘Inappropriate Uniforms’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two saucy schoolgirls, Chessie and Rosie, sit in a classroom with Michael Stamp. Tall blond Chessie will be spanked first. She rises and comes to the front of the little classroom and bends over Stamp’s desk. Her little kilt comes up by itself. Stamp begins on her white knickers with a paddle. Love to get that blue blouse off, but probably not a good idea in a classroom. She takes her own knickers down. Stamp develops two rosy symmetrical patches with the accuracy of his small paddled. Pigtailed dark blond Rosie up next. Stamp will use a large Spencer paddle. This will be different. Paddle on white knickers. Rosie takes them down. Chessie is in the shot, rubbing her ruby red bottom. Two bottoms to the wall. Very nice.

Michael Stamp in classroom’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Need a title here. Two schoolgirls report to Stamp in a barren but plausible classroom. We believe it is Chessie and another girl we can’t identify. Chessie bends over the desk for a handspanking and an oddly short caning.

The second girl, a cute brunette, will get the works. OTK, white tights down; the camera misses the knickers  coming down. 20 strokes of fhe cane including repeats, a rest pause, then 8 more strokes. White lines. Bottoms to the wall

‘Out of Bounds’ (M/2f; time: 11 minutes) Chessie and Harry have found Michael Stamp’s punishment dungeon and they curiously inspect the paraphernalia. Chessie lies over a trestle and Harry takes position at an X cross.

Stamp interrupts and will give them a taste. Rather silly, he paddles and crops the girls in the positions they have taken. They help by baring their bottoms. No damage done here.

Gym Club Brawlers’ Michael Stamp again, with Chessie and ‘Harry.’ The girls are his employees at. A gym club, and they will be spanked for it. He gives them both two OTK spankings. Then: “You want a workout?” He brings out a commercial spanking bench and the girls take a routine and uneventful.

‘Piano Plunkers’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) There are a number of entertaining films where girls are spanked at piano lessons. This is not one of them. Busy Michael Stamp. again with Chessie and Rosie Ann. They are fooling around on a piano. Stamp; has them lie flat on a table, facing in opposite directions. He pulls their tights down and begins handspanking. The girls kneel up then stand for more spanking. Nothing here.

’Rosie and Michael Stamp’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Cute brunette Rosey kneels on a love seat. Stamp: “Ah, Rosey.. Are you ready for your spanking?” “Yes, sir.” Stamp begins spanking on her denim shorts. She drops her shorts and is now down to pantyhose and panties. More spanking. Pantyhose down. More.

Panties down. Nice red. Full puss and anus. vaginal jewelry. Into the diaper position. This honey gets quite the workout. 

Secretary Spank Off’ (M/2f; time: 19 minutes) Michael Stamp with Chessie and Ms. Henry again. He sits in an informal office and calls in his two secretaries. He is going to apply an office test, using the old fashioned regime. This is spanking, and the girls don’t seem to mind. The pay must be good, or unemployment is high in England. Or is this Scotland? Chessie is taken OTK first, her knickers are soon down. Interesting net stockings. Harry is spanked next,, same, standard stuff. As Chessie watches, she perches her bottom on the side of a small stool to get two bottoms in the frame. Bottoms on display as Michael returns to work. Was there a winner?

‘Snitch and Trespasser’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Michael Stamp again with his girls Chessie and Harry. For all his experience in the industry, Stamp doesn’t do much spanking. One girl has snitched on the other, so he spanks them both. Harry is caned also, nothing of note for either girl.

spanking interview (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Michael Stamp conducts an interview with ‘Chessie’ and ‘Rosie.’ Blonde Chessie must have just made a film, because her bottom is quite red. Stamp will spank both girls on the couch; the girls are not shy about open legs. Nothing special here.

’Stamp auditions strippers’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) An odd little episode, filmed on a black stage. We believe it is Michael Stamp, auditioning two not so innocent girls, both dressed in tops with bare midriffs and short shorts.

The little blonde flashes her enhanced boobs and rubs them against a seated Stamp. She pulls down her little white shorts and lets Stamp smack her tiny and perfect bottom. Same behavior from the second girl, another endowed brunette.

The girls cavort as if on stage, which they really are in this setup, keeping their tops ducked up, no bras, and flashing their bottoms.

‘Unfinished Chores’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Michael Stamp with Harry (f) and Chessie. They are schoolgirls. Stamp is going to spank them. Chessie OTK first, she has a habit of opening her thighs. Kilt up, white panties, Stamp uses a small paddle with sharp little snaps. Knickers down. Harry gets the same spanking. The girls are corny.

Spanking strippers’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Michael Stamp and two blond strippers play on a blacked out blank stage set. The girls wiggle and flash for him and he smacks them. The girls gradually strip off their little outfits and spank each other and let Stamp spank them.Two runway bodies and some silliness. Not a schoolgirl in sight.

‘Weekly Discipline Report’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Michael Stamp, with two girls, wearing yellow house dresses. Must be punishment day. The two girls kneel in easy chairs set side by side. Stamp pulls their knickers down and alternates spanking the two bottoms, with a crop and a meter stick. And some handspanking for good measure. Rather tepid stuff despite the good setup and potential.

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