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Four Girls Again spank each other- REALSPANKING

23 Feb

M/4f; time: 55 minutes

Michael Masterson has explained that his customers like these multiple girl episodes. He is told his customers like the girls naked when he interviews them.

Ivy, Miss Roxie, Serena, and Lila are seen here. This is completing a day of filming. “Ladies! The four-girls shoot day. Are your butts sore?” The girls giggle ‘yes.’ As usually happens at RSN, Masterson wants the girls to show their bottoms. They drop their jeans and panties. Masterson comments on the varying degrees of bruising.

Masterson has the girls strip naked. They sit naked in a row, not quite confident enough to open their legs. He will interview each of the girls, asking them about their early life spanking and fetish development, and what part of today’s work was most difficult for them. Then each naked girl will be passed over the bare laps of the other three for handspanking, and Masterson will cap off each girl with a rousing strapping.

Serena is interviewed first. She is a tall and perfect brunette. Her stepfather paddled her, 10 on panties. These are her favorite shoots so far at RSN, she likes being naked with the other girls. The girls don’t spank all that hard, but all the teenage flesh on the screen makes up for it. Alternate views of the spankings. Masterson’s closing 12 from a strap set her to yelling. Lila is asked to rub her bruises.

Ivy’s turn: Ivy tells Masterson about her spanking fetish. “My top kink is bondage.” Ivy is then passed down the line for her spankings from the other naked girls. They all keep their legs together carefully. Alternate views. For her individual session with Masterson, she selects a flogger. Typical RSN bruises.

Miss Roxie is last to be interviewed then spanked. She’s got a few tattoos, which Masterson has frowned upon in the past. She also likes these four-girl buddy shoots. She remembers well a wet bottom spanking after a shower. She admits to a spanking just a few days ago, from a boyfriend who used a cutting board. The girls giggle. She is passed over the laps for her handspanking and gasps through Masterson’s strapping.

“Four girls cheek to cheek and we’ll call it a day.”

Suddenly a Spanking – CPENTERTAINMENT

20 Feb

F/f; year: 2013: time: 19 minutes

Another appearance at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking ranch for Amelia Jane Rutherford. The premise here is that Amelia messed up her schedule on a U.S. tour and shows up four days late at tbs ranch. She was going to make a spanking film anyway, and now they have the pretext.

Chelsea starts the traditional OTK spanking

Amelia wears denim shorts and a short sleeve flannel shirt, cowgirl stuff. Shorts down, white panties. Chelsea takes her rings off. Panties down, it takes a lot to crack Ms. Rutherford’s pain or humiliation thresholds. Hairbrush last. The film concludes with Amelia rubbing her bottom full screen with her back to us. Very nice.

Clover’s Forged Cheque Come-uppance – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

20 Feb

M/f: time: 17 minutes

Agean with a very buxom pigtailed brunette schoolgirl, a very exotic start if you are into the ageplay scene. She is busting out of her school uniform and you can imagine a very serious time for her. A real cherub. Agean has her in a sitting room.

After a scolding, he takes her OTK. Nice handspanking, white knickers down. More scolding, then the hairbrush. A nice touch—Agean hands her panties back to her and she puts them on, so carefully.

Boys get you in trouble – ENGLISHSPANKERS

19 Feb

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Surely not the title. Agean in his academic robes with a small dark blond pigtailed schoolgirl. A lot of dialogue, and the girl argues rather vociferously when she hears a caning is coming. The set is a faux classroom. Agean speaks to a cameraman, who has been assigned to film this punishment for someone else, another concern of the girl.

She bends over, kilt up, there are no knickers. She bends over a chair. Almost 20 cane strokes are shown, this is a continuation of an ongoing punishment. The panties must be in another room.

Agean has her turn and face the filming. He wants her jolt up. She does what she is told, but keeps up a delightful complaining. They shake hands when the caning is complete. To the cameraman, “Are you satisfied?”

Cane on a Nail 2 – LUPUS

11 Feb

M/f; year: 2011; time: 39 minutes

A LUPUSDREAMS production, made on the same storyline as the first ‘Came on a Nail,’ made at the beginning for RIGIDEAST, 11 years ago. We think most spankos would agree that LUPUS began to lose its fastball as the years progressed. We still return to the ‘reform school’ or ‘headmaster’ series.

The film opens with a straightforward bare bottom handspanking underway. A well nourished redhead is getting a spanking from an older man, an uncle or guardian type. Same as film #1, except this guy is a pervert. After he finishes spanking her, she falls on her knees, begging for no more. The guy uses a hand-held video camera to capture her misery, and we will see excerpts of many of the succeeding scenes through that lens. The guy is a porno.

And the girl is excited by being spanked. She goes to the toilet and masturbates. The guy sneaks into film her. Here we see she has cane marks on the FRONT of her thighs, not from this film.

“Oh, so much..” The title of the next segment. In her two-piece pajamas, the redhead checks a page on a message board, showing tick marks of her transgressions. A lot of them. The guy enters and she tries to escape him by crawling across her platform bed. She is captured, her pj bottoms come down and he straps her, very much in the LUPUS style. He takes her top off so that she is naked, and the strapping continues. When he is finished, she must kneel on a washboard, hands on head, another LUPUS Touch. He films it all, to her face.

Cut to a shower scene, where she is masturbating again. He sneaks in to film this too.

‘Friday’ This appears to be the day of the week the transgressions are accounted for. There some great Friday nights in CP literature. She takes off her pj’s and pulls on a school uniform and waits with a cane. This guy really has the British Vice. After a segue, the redhead is naked again, the camera has been set up on a tripod. She kneels on a chair and takes 12 hard cane strokes, the legitimacy of the strokes can be seen on her far buttock. Video screen views.

Another blackout. She is masturbating again, naked in bed. A nice detail, her knees are roughed up from the washboard. She is caught again, more tick marks on the score sheet.

‘The day after’ The redhead is in her nightie here. She strips slowly, video filmed, apparently trying to seduce the guy to save her bottom. Since this is LUPUSDREAMS, we were hoping she would drop to her knees in front of him, but it didn’t happen. The ending was confused and the LUPUS website was no help. You have to speak Czech.

Mistress V of Denver – NU-WEST

11 Feb

F/m; time: 23 minutes

One of NU-WEST’s odd Female dominant films, which we will pass over quickly, so that you can scratch off your list. ‘Mistress V.’ narrates. She is a dominatrix, practicing in Littleton, CO. “Do you have the nerve to come and see me? I am a professional dominatrix. I have a bad boy downstairs right now.”

Segue to the guy, Joey, to be punished. He is cornered, then over her knee. He is wearing his sister’s panties. A rather uninteresting spanking, bare butt. Mistress switches to a hairbrush and then a Spencer paddle, and last, a mild caning. He is just a bit pink. The closing handspanking is the hardest. We’ve said before— we would have liked to see the mkstress check to see if he liked it.

Her contact information is shown in a graphic.


10 Feb

M/f; year: 2009; time: 55 minutes

A compilation of a series of clips featuring Audrey Knight with Dallas. Ms. Knight was a spanking model who made the rounds of the producers in this era, as well as making her own videos with Abigail Whittaker. She is one of those models who can actually act, in addition to having a photogenic face and perfect bottom.

Here, she and Dallas are dressed in cowboy/cowgirl outfits, as if they were going to a “barn dance,” as he put it. He is conventional in jeans, boots, and a Stetson, but Audrey, Audrey. She is all in white—hat, top, little skirt, and boots with fringe decoration. Ready for the nightclub runway. And pigtails! DALLAS is always good with the details.

They have a long discussion about the pretext for the spanking that is coming. Audrey giggles nervously, just a bit, and because she is a pro, she does NOT look at the director, who is probably Serena.

The first segments are “handspanking.” Dallas starts her off in the manner he begins many spankings, in the corner, skirt up, white panties down. The most lovely round bottom, with a bikini tan. Dallas puts on a plastic nose and mustache, to make her laugh, the last time she will want to do that in these episodes. He leads her by the ear to couch, OTK, the panties already at her thighs. He uncovers something on a table at her head. She sees two sand egg timers and is dejected, because this signals the length of the spankings coming.

There are five segments of the bare bottom handspanking, getting increasingly harder. There are several spanking models who, in interview, claimed Dallas was their hardest spanker. At the conclusion of the handspanking portion, Audrey lies flat on the hassock , the camera zooms on her red bottom, as she waves bye-bye.

‘The Belt’ The next section. Audrey kneels on the couch, bottom bare. Her bottom is clear here best we can tell, as it will be in succeeding segments. How did they do this? Dallas leaves traces. She wears the same cunning white outfit, Dallas has changed. The belt leaves most of its marks on her lower buttocks. We get a good look at Audrey’s little tattoo at the top of her buttocks crack.

‘The Razor’ A long floppy razor strop. Now Audrey lies over the end of an armless couch, panties at her knees. Dallas applies his aloe here. Nice facial and bottom shots.

‘Small hairbrush, not so small at all’ Audrey is OTK again, for a fair sized wood hairbrush. Panties were up, down they come. Clear bottom. After a hard spanking, she kneels on the chair on display.

‘Classic Paddle Wooden Paddle’ She bends over now for the first time, Panties at her knees. Standard paddling.

‘Classic Paddle Wooden Paddle’ Same graphic, although a cane is briefly used here, then a paddle and a big strap. At one point Audrey casts a glance at Dallas, maybe a little angry. A bit of handspanking, then they hug to conclude. She rubs, dresses, and leaves.

Kennedy and Woods – AAASPANKING

9 Feb

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Paul Kennedy and lights-out Leia Ann Woods sit on a couch, having a silly tussle about domestic matters, each fighting laughter and waiting for the action to begin. Ms. Woods has a slight reddish tinge to her hair here. He grabs her OTK. She is ready herself. Skirt up, black panties, standard spanking on the black leather couch.

Knickers down, The folks at AAASPANKING see a lot of bottoms. Even they know this is special. Kennedy produces a strap and continues on her bare bottom.

L.A. Spanking Society #2 – NU-WEST

8 Feb

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

A very old film, the usual terrible film quality, and the second oldest graphics we recall from NU-WEST. Two girls sit on a bench in negligees, Michelle and Lisa. The male actor informs us in narration that if we like to watch spanking, more can be arranged. He has the girls show their panties.

He will call the girls out one at a time and spank them. Michelle is first, OTK. He raises her nightie and pulls down her panties immediately. The brunette does some sexy kicking for a moderate spanking. The guy has to hold her wrist to keep her still. Nice overhead shots. She has dirty bare feet. The guy has arranged her panties to cover any exposure between her legs. Various angles and repeats.

Lisa comes out next. Same bare bottom OTK. Michelle has been placed at the wall, but she pulled up her panties, a fetish detail not missed in later years. Closeups on mild welts and bruises. Maybe this was a sort of advertisement by NU-WEST to find a spanking market.

Osborne and Spanish Kami – AAASPANKING

7 Feb

M/f. Time: 10 minutes

Another appearance with these two. John Osborne calls for Kami Robertson on an empty stage as he slaps his palm with a slipper. Kami wears a sort of Spanish flamenco dress. He starts her with a standing Spanking on dark knickers, which he soon pulls down.

A chair is produced. Kami kneels on it, still bare bottom, for the slipper. At the conclusion, Kami wipes tears, although her bottom has gotten tougher than this at this point in her career.