L.A. Spanking Society #2 – NU-WEST

8 Feb

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

A very old film, the usual terrible film quality, and the second oldest graphics we recall from NU-WEST. Two girls sit on a bench in negligees, Michelle and Lisa. The male actor informs us in narration that if we like to watch spanking, more can be arranged. He has the girls show their panties.

He will call the girls out one at a time and spank them. Michelle is first, OTK. He raises her nightie and pulls down her panties immediately. The brunette does some sexy kicking for a moderate spanking. The guy has to hold her wrist to keep her still. Nice overhead shots. She has dirty bare feet. The guy has arranged her panties to cover any exposure between her legs. Various angles and repeats.

Lisa comes out next. Same bare bottom OTK. Michelle has been placed at the wall, but she pulled up her panties, a fetish detail not missed in later years. Closeups on mild welts and bruises. Maybe this was a sort of advertisement by NU-WEST to find a spanking market.

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