10 Feb

M/f; year: 2009; time: 55 minutes

A compilation of a series of clips featuring Audrey Knight with Dallas. Ms. Knight was a spanking model who made the rounds of the producers in this era, as well as making her own videos with Abigail Whittaker. She is one of those models who can actually act, in addition to having a photogenic face and perfect bottom.

Here, she and Dallas are dressed in cowboy/cowgirl outfits, as if they were going to a “barn dance,” as he put it. He is conventional in jeans, boots, and a Stetson, but Audrey, Audrey. She is all in white—hat, top, little skirt, and boots with fringe decoration. Ready for the nightclub runway. And pigtails! DALLAS is always good with the details.

They have a long discussion about the pretext for the spanking that is coming. Audrey giggles nervously, just a bit, and because she is a pro, she does NOT look at the director, who is probably Serena.

The first segments are “handspanking.” Dallas starts her off in the manner he begins many spankings, in the corner, skirt up, white panties down. The most lovely round bottom, with a bikini tan. Dallas puts on a plastic nose and mustache, to make her laugh, the last time she will want to do that in these episodes. He leads her by the ear to couch, OTK, the panties already at her thighs. He uncovers something on a table at her head. She sees two sand egg timers and is dejected, because this signals the length of the spankings coming.

There are five segments of the bare bottom handspanking, getting increasingly harder. There are several spanking models who, in interview, claimed Dallas was their hardest spanker. At the conclusion of the handspanking portion, Audrey lies flat on the hassock , the camera zooms on her red bottom, as she waves bye-bye.

‘The Belt’ The next section. Audrey kneels on the couch, bottom bare. Her bottom is clear here best we can tell, as it will be in succeeding segments. How did they do this? Dallas leaves traces. She wears the same cunning white outfit, Dallas has changed. The belt leaves most of its marks on her lower buttocks. We get a good look at Audrey’s little tattoo at the top of her buttocks crack.

‘The Razor’ A long floppy razor strop. Now Audrey lies over the end of an armless couch, panties at her knees. Dallas applies his aloe here. Nice facial and bottom shots.

‘Small hairbrush, not so small at all’ Audrey is OTK again, for a fair sized wood hairbrush. Panties were up, down they come. Clear bottom. After a hard spanking, she kneels on the chair on display.

‘Classic Paddle Wooden Paddle’ She bends over now for the first time, Panties at her knees. Standard paddling.

‘Classic Paddle Wooden Paddle’ Same graphic, although a cane is briefly used here, then a paddle and a big strap. At one point Audrey casts a glance at Dallas, maybe a little angry. A bit of handspanking, then they hug to conclude. She rubs, dresses, and leaves.

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