Cane on a Nail 2 – LUPUS

11 Feb

M/f; year: 2011; time: 39 minutes

A LUPUSDREAMS production, made on the same storyline as the first ‘Came on a Nail,’ made at the beginning for RIGIDEAST, 11 years ago. We think most spankos would agree that LUPUS began to lose its fastball as the years progressed. We still return to the ‘reform school’ or ‘headmaster’ series.

The film opens with a straightforward bare bottom handspanking underway. A well nourished redhead is getting a spanking from an older man, an uncle or guardian type. Same as film #1, except this guy is a pervert. After he finishes spanking her, she falls on her knees, begging for no more. The guy uses a hand-held video camera to capture her misery, and we will see excerpts of many of the succeeding scenes through that lens. The guy is a porno.

And the girl is excited by being spanked. She goes to the toilet and masturbates. The guy sneaks into film her. Here we see she has cane marks on the FRONT of her thighs, not from this film.

“Oh, so much..” The title of the next segment. In her two-piece pajamas, the redhead checks a page on a message board, showing tick marks of her transgressions. A lot of them. The guy enters and she tries to escape him by crawling across her platform bed. She is captured, her pj bottoms come down and he straps her, very much in the LUPUS style. He takes her top off so that she is naked, and the strapping continues. When he is finished, she must kneel on a washboard, hands on head, another LUPUS Touch. He films it all, to her face.

Cut to a shower scene, where she is masturbating again. He sneaks in to film this too.

‘Friday’ This appears to be the day of the week the transgressions are accounted for. There some great Friday nights in CP literature. She takes off her pj’s and pulls on a school uniform and waits with a cane. This guy really has the British Vice. After a segue, the redhead is naked again, the camera has been set up on a tripod. She kneels on a chair and takes 12 hard cane strokes, the legitimacy of the strokes can be seen on her far buttock. Video screen views.

Another blackout. She is masturbating again, naked in bed. A nice detail, her knees are roughed up from the washboard. She is caught again, more tick marks on the score sheet.

‘The day after’ The redhead is in her nightie here. She strips slowly, video filmed, apparently trying to seduce the guy to save her bottom. Since this is LUPUSDREAMS, we were hoping she would drop to her knees in front of him, but it didn’t happen. The ending was confused and the LUPUS website was no help. You have to speak Czech.

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