Boys get you in trouble – ENGLISHSPANKERS

19 Feb

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Surely not the title. Agean in his academic robes with a small dark blond pigtailed schoolgirl. A lot of dialogue, and the girl argues rather vociferously when she hears a caning is coming. The set is a faux classroom. Agean speaks to a cameraman, who has been assigned to film this punishment for someone else, another concern of the girl.

She bends over, kilt up, there are no knickers. She bends over a chair. Almost 20 cane strokes are shown, this is a continuation of an ongoing punishment. The panties must be in another room.

Agean has her turn and face the filming. He wants her jolt up. She does what she is told, but keeps up a delightful complaining. They shake hands when the caning is complete. To the cameraman, “Are you satisfied?”

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