Four Girls Again spank each other- REALSPANKING

23 Feb

M/4f; time: 55 minutes

Michael Masterson has explained that his customers like these multiple girl episodes. He is told his customers like the girls naked when he interviews them.

Ivy, Miss Roxie, Serena, and Lila are seen here. This is completing a day of filming. “Ladies! The four-girls shoot day. Are your butts sore?” The girls giggle ‘yes.’ As usually happens at RSN, Masterson wants the girls to show their bottoms. They drop their jeans and panties. Masterson comments on the varying degrees of bruising.

Masterson has the girls strip naked. They sit naked in a row, not quite confident enough to open their legs. He will interview each of the girls, asking them about their early life spanking and fetish development, and what part of today’s work was most difficult for them. Then each naked girl will be passed over the bare laps of the other three for handspanking, and Masterson will cap off each girl with a rousing strapping.

Serena is interviewed first. She is a tall and perfect brunette. Her stepfather paddled her, 10 on panties. These are her favorite shoots so far at RSN, she likes being naked with the other girls. The girls don’t spank all that hard, but all the teenage flesh on the screen makes up for it. Alternate views of the spankings. Masterson’s closing 12 from a strap set her to yelling. Lila is asked to rub her bruises.

Ivy’s turn: Ivy tells Masterson about her spanking fetish. “My top kink is bondage.” Ivy is then passed down the line for her spankings from the other naked girls. They all keep their legs together carefully. Alternate views. For her individual session with Masterson, she selects a flogger. Typical RSN bruises.

Miss Roxie is last to be interviewed then spanked. She’s got a few tattoos, which Masterson has frowned upon in the past. She also likes these four-girl buddy shoots. She remembers well a wet bottom spanking after a shower. She admits to a spanking just a few days ago, from a boyfriend who used a cutting board. The girls giggle. She is passed over the laps for her handspanking and gasps through Masterson’s strapping.

“Four girls cheek to cheek and we’ll call it a day.”

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