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Emma Brown at MOONGLOW

30 Mar

M/f; time: 46 minutes

An old and odd film, done on sets used by MOONGLOW, to which we assign the film. We will keep alert to better identify this film. Emma Brown is young and very thin here. There will play out quite a long series of schoolgirl spanking scenes, in several settings. We will summarize most of them. Not sure how this film was made. The spankings are moderate. It could have been a continuous shoot.

Emma enters a classroom, in perfect schoolgirl attire. She begins OTK with a faceless male. Skirt up, regulation knickers. Next scene, she is slippered for smoking.

Emma is caught looking for test answers in the teacher’s book. She gets 6 of the cane on her knickers. This caning May be repeated later, Bottom and facial. Back at her desk, sent to the office, the hairbrush for goofing off.

Another caning scene—10 strokes this time, repeated bottom and face.

Over the back of a chair. “Trousers down…knickers down.” Our first look at her tattoo.

The short scenes go on. Her outfit changes a little, her knickers change. Her spanker changes his academic attire.

At one point Emma is in gymslip and shorts, looking very buxom for such a young thing. She does some PT.


26 Mar

M/f; Year: 1989; time: 13 minutes

A schoolgirl classroom spanking, simple and beautifully done. A screen graphic: ‘Gemma 18 years old 1989.‘ A very pretty blonde schoolgirl, fully decked out and delightfully disheveled, sits at a desk in a sparsely furnished classroom. The girl is reminiscent of the wonderful models in early ROUE and BLUSHES films, where the girls looked quite amateur, barely legal, and as if they had been cast from recruiting notices pinnned on school bulletin boards

A faceless male will give her what looks like a detention spanking. First, she stands hands on head while he smacks her thighs, a pervy guy. He lets her rub. She tucks up her skirt, he pulls her knickers down, an OTK handspanking.

Gemma is allowed up, focus on her bottom. We see her mascara is running. She sits bare bottom, and after a segue, she is bent over a desk for a slipper. She hangs onto a chair. Perfect little film.

Troublesome Daughters – CALSTAR

24 Mar

M/2f; year: 1988; time: 31 minutes.

An old and clunky film, surely a KANE production from the George Harrison Marks era, distributed by CALSTAR. The actors are older, the plot improbable, and forget any continuity. GHM’s motive was to get pants off and bottoms smacked. For documented details of the CP film industry in this period, we refer you to a most studious reader of ours, blogger SPANKINGSUBMISSION.

An older guy, the house butler, is on the phone. GHM liked his ageplay. The butler is complaining to the Lord of the house about the behavior of his daughters. After a fade, Miss Prism, the governess, knocks and enters. He saw her spanking one of the daughters, and she will be fired for that, but she negotiates her way out of that, surely losing more leverage than ever.

After a fade, the butler catches Prism masturbating. Such gratuitous and salacious scenes were common in Marks’ work. She gets spanked for it of course. The way the spanking progresses—this is all a parlor game for them. Bend-overs, illicit frontals, the butler let’s her hair down. Rubbing. English Vice stuff.


Company Business – HOM

24 Mar

F/f; year: 1994; time: 61 minutes

A producer we don’t normally associate with CP. Sharon Kane is the producer here, joined by Greta Karlson, Ashley Renee, and Alex Jordan, all adult actresses. Brian Tarsis and Ernest Greene ate listed in the credits, but this film must have been made on lunch hour. The set is an office. The storyline seems to be about girls auditioning to become callgirls, surefire opportunity to spank multiple bottoms. The scenes are sufficiently muddled we won’t try to discern the plot.

Alex delivers coffee to Sharon at her desk, flashes a boob for her, then brings in the first client, Ashley. Sharon gives her a feel. Fade. Ashley is strung up and being whipped, silly. Frontal whipping, clothespins, Lesbian play, pussy cropping, dildo sucking then insertion, bondage positions.

Fade to the office scene again. Greta gets a workout from Sharon. A final scene with all girls naked. It would seem they made this film up as they went along.

Headmaster and 4 Schoolgirls – ROUE

22 Mar

M/4f; time: 14 minutes) We assign this very old British film to ROUE. Four schoolgirls, three in full kit, and one in a gym outfit, wait outside the headmaster’s door. They nervously whisper about what the spankings will be like. The British did these waiting scenes the best for us. LIPUS excelled also, especially given the ferocity of the punishment to come.

The headmaster opens the door. “Who’s next.” Nobody volunteers, so he takes Charlotte Morton. Inside, a quick OTK handspanking begins. Skirt up. Charlotte struggles to keep her knickers from being pulled down. She squeals, we see the girls cringing outside. The slipper next. “Hands down or it will be the cane.” She is left to contemplate bare bottom at the desk.

The “new girl” is next, Brenda, a very cute brunette, a nice find for the casting folks. The lecherous Head seems to take some pleasure in explaining that the “prettier girls” seem to break the rules more often. He brandishes a cane. Brenda bends over and screams through a brief and rapid bare bottom caning.

Blonde Virginia is next. She has done this before. She takes off her skirt and drops her knickers without a word. She has a huge untended pubic bush, a simple reminder of the film era. She bends over for 12 cane strokes, probably 15, because the Head and she are careless with the count, and he gets to add more. He seems to question her weight. “No better way to take weight off the buttocks” than a cane. He adds some thigh slaps and another six of the cane after Virginia thought she was finished. Five minute pose bsre bottom.

The girl in the skimpy gym clothes is called in last, but this film cuts.


22 Mar

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film from Clare Fonda, featuring Elizabeth (Victoria) Burns, in a rare appearance outside REALSPANKINGS. The set looks like a motel room from a Holidrome hotel, the converted Holiday Inns from 40 years ago. Elizabeth plays a hotel manager, calling on Fonda, who has been making noise, having male visitors, and annoying other guests. The solution, for the present, is a spanking.

Burns wears a black dress; Fonda is casual in jeans and top. Burns takes her OTK for a crisp start. Fonda has to stand to lower her tight shorts. Back OTK, the print panties come down. A long and effective spanking. Burns has the experience.

Somehow, we didn’t see how, Fonda finds a stash of marijuana on Burns and manages to turn the tables. When Fonda threatens to tell Burns’ husband scene is set for a revenge spanking. Clare takes Elizabeth OTK for a conventional spanking, on her skirt, then her pantyhose, then on the bare. Without malice, we praise older women.

Elizabeth does her usual crying thing, real tears, her face colors up. The camera always loves it. We can’t think of another model can can be as dependably miserable as Ms. Burns. It certainly has the erotic effect of you wanting the spank to pour it on.

The Teasing of Johanna – SPANKOPRODUCTIONS

22 Mar

F/f; time: 20 minutes

Johanna Sullivan wakes up Stevie Rose, who sleeps in a luxurious bed, in just panties. You’d think it was Stevie in trouble, but Johanna has annoyed her.Johanna strips and goes OTK for a long scolding, the handspanking begins. Print panties down, Johanna lies over pillows on the couch for a strap. OTK again for a big flat dust brush. Left kneeling and rubbing.

School Reunion – SAMSDIARIES

18 Mar

2F/2f; time: 16 minutes

Sam Johnson and Leia Ann Woods seemed to have returned to a school reunion. They must have dug out their schoolgirl kit to wear, and good for them, they haven’t put on any weight to speak of. The girls are very hot.

There must have been some playful spanking at the party. They decide to continue it back home. Leia takes Sam OTK on the couch, knickers down. The girls reverse roles.

For the next phase, Leia strips to just garter belt and stockings. She frequently strips naked in her videos. Sam first paddles then canes her, all very light. Sam then strips for the same. They end in. Lesbian embrace. Nothing much to the video except two gorgeous naked models.


18 Mar

M/f; year: 2021; time: 13 minutes

A rare find for us, a film dated in the current year. Paul Kennedy and Adriana Evans. Ms. Evans would appear to be a patient in a therapy clinic. She lounges on a bed in a terry cloth robe. Paul Kennedy knocks on the door and Adriana lets him in. There is no disguising the motel room set.

Kennedy is dressed as a doctor or attendant. In a long discussion on the bed, he offers her a spanking to advance her treatment She is quite enthusiastic and takes off her robe. She is wearing only panties. She arranges herself over pillows on the bed.

First a handspanking, knickers down, then a strap. Adriana is liking it. She thanks him for what he calls a “special service” and they shake hands. “How do I tip you?” Any ideas?

Cocktail Bar Cock Up – AAASPANKING

18 Mar

M/ f; time: 13 minutes

Rosie Ann is working as a bartender in a very well appointed bar, a sophisticated set compared to some, in this time-tested CP scenario, where inefficient female bar staff get spanked by their owners.

Auburn haired Rosie looks like a working staffer, in little black dress and eyeglasses. John Osborne comes on the scene and lays out his spanking implements. Rosie bends over barstool, dress up, black panties. Handspanking first, knickers down, a clear bottom. He shows her the straps and uses several. Nice fuzzy frontal. We notice the plastic bar chairs are in the shape of penises.