Mildred Scott-Housemother – NU-WEST NWV-066

3 Mar

F/4f; time: 38 minutes

A very early NU-WEST, maybe early eighties, when the films were longer, and before Ed Lee’s cast had been assembled. Early graphics, challenged production qualities, and terrible acting. But Lee was always in the vanguard. The simple spankings here presaged serial punishment stories for many studios.

‘Mildred Scott,’ a youngish domme woman, made several films for Lee. This one seems to have disappeared. Thanks expressed to the spanko who found it and offered it for view. Mildred plays a housemother here, a storyline promising a bevy of bottoms. ‘Housemother’ means sorority girls. There will be four girls, very pretty, but not of the showgirl cut. Mildred narrates and introduces Deidre and Anne, tall light brunettes with big hair of the period, who act like they had just put their fingers in a wall socket. Both wear ankle-length dresses and heels with straps.

Deidre is taken OTK at the foot of a bed on the sparsely furnished bedroom set. Mildred raises her dress and peels down the panties and pantyhose. She handspanks for about 8 minutes, moderately hard, some pushing rather than slaps. Deidre squawks all the way through. Anne is spanked in exactly the same way for her 8 minutes. Repetitive but effective.The film was made before Lee began the the repeat sequences from different camera positions, Here, the facials and angles are cut in.

In the second scene, Mildred faces two more sorority girls, blondes, who sit before her on their haunches, wearing just full cut dark panties, nothing else. Mildred will spank each girl, also for about 8 minutes. Some boob shots mixed in. Simple stuff, but very erotic, these submissive girls awaiting their fate. The film was made when bare bottom spanking was naughty and illicit.

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  1. dilbert113 March 3, 2021 at 10:52 pm #

    Where can I find this?

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