22 Mar

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film from Clare Fonda, featuring Elizabeth (Victoria) Burns, in a rare appearance outside REALSPANKINGS. The set looks like a motel room from a Holidrome hotel, the converted Holiday Inns from 40 years ago. Elizabeth plays a hotel manager, calling on Fonda, who has been making noise, having male visitors, and annoying other guests. The solution, for the present, is a spanking.

Burns wears a black dress; Fonda is casual in jeans and top. Burns takes her OTK for a crisp start. Fonda has to stand to lower her tight shorts. Back OTK, the print panties come down. A long and effective spanking. Burns has the experience.

Somehow, we didn’t see how, Fonda finds a stash of marijuana on Burns and manages to turn the tables. When Fonda threatens to tell Burns’ husband scene is set for a revenge spanking. Clare takes Elizabeth OTK for a conventional spanking, on her skirt, then her pantyhose, then on the bare. Without malice, we praise older women.

Elizabeth does her usual crying thing, real tears, her face colors up. The camera always loves it. We can’t think of another model can can be as dependably miserable as Ms. Burns. It certainly has the erotic effect of you wanting the spank to pour it on.

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