Headmaster and 4 Schoolgirls – ROUE

22 Mar

M/4f; time: 14 minutes) We assign this very old British film to ROUE. Four schoolgirls, three in full kit, and one in a gym outfit, wait outside the headmaster’s door. They nervously whisper about what the spankings will be like. The British did these waiting scenes the best for us. LIPUS excelled also, especially given the ferocity of the punishment to come.

The headmaster opens the door. “Who’s next.” Nobody volunteers, so he takes Charlotte Morton. Inside, a quick OTK handspanking begins. Skirt up. Charlotte struggles to keep her knickers from being pulled down. She squeals, we see the girls cringing outside. The slipper next. “Hands down or it will be the cane.” She is left to contemplate bare bottom at the desk.

The “new girl” is next, Brenda, a very cute brunette, a nice find for the casting folks. The lecherous Head seems to take some pleasure in explaining that the “prettier girls” seem to break the rules more often. He brandishes a cane. Brenda bends over and screams through a brief and rapid bare bottom caning.

Blonde Virginia is next. She has done this before. She takes off her skirt and drops her knickers without a word. She has a huge untended pubic bush, a simple reminder of the film era. She bends over for 12 cane strokes, probably 15, because the Head and she are careless with the count, and he gets to add more. He seems to question her weight. “No better way to take weight off the buttocks” than a cane. He adds some thigh slaps and another six of the cane after Virginia thought she was finished. Five minute pose bsre bottom.

The girl in the skimpy gym clothes is called in last, but this film cuts.

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