Miss Tushy’s Burlesque Club – FIRMHAND

1 Jun

Another series, released in 2012. We will give it a try, mostly because it contains Samantha Woodley. Allaura Shane manages or owns a nightclub, and Samantha and Alison Miller are employees. The storyline gives the girls a chance to wear a series of silly barmaid outfits they would use in the club, where the bottom must be the thing. Not Hooters.

(A) (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) The girls are called off the floor of the club into a office, more of a residential setting typical of FIRMHAND. They wear silly little cocktail waitress uniforms designed to flash the bottom. The girls have been giving away drinks to customers. Both are in pigtails.

Shane has them kneel side by side on a couch, the tiny skirts expose their matching white panties immediately. She moves from bottom to bottom, smacking quite hard for starters here, burning their panties. The girls are sent to the wall, arguing with each other.

(B) (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Samantha and Alison argue and fight, blaming each other for their predicament. Shane returns and breaks up the tussle, which has warranted more spanking. “You have not learned your lesson.” She has the girls bend over, hands on a table, at opposite ends. She bunches their panties and alternates the bottoms. Back to the wall. Panties still survive. There was a brief cut of Alison going up the stairs in just a thong, a stairway shot not relevant to the storyline.

(C)(F/2f; time:6 minutes) The girls report to Shane in a new circumstance. They both wear little outfits of bustiers and tight shorts, another uniform for the club. They couldn’t go out in daylight like this. They are spanked again, shorts bunched, bottoms trying to evade.

(D)(F/f; time: 9 minutes) Shane spanks Alison in the silly outfit, then both girls on her lap at the same time, lying in opposite directions. Outtakes here, a lot of mirth.

(E)(F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Alison and Samantha lie on a big table, being paddled by Shane. They lie in opposite directions, Shane can reach both bottoms. Various angles on this table to show both bottoms. Outtake laughter included.

(F)(F/2f; time: 5 minutes) The girls have been caught drunk and goofing off. Any excuse to spank at Miss Tushy’s. They are strapped again on the table, again lying in opposite directions, providing the camera with facials from either direction. Some better up-leg shots here.

(G) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) The girls have been caught drunk. They wear different outfits again, like negligees or teddys, burlesque style. Samantha is spanked first herd, at the mantel piece, strap and hairbrush. Cute with her hair up.

(H)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Alison is getting the bath brush here, at the mantel, in some of the hardest spanking we have seen in the series. Samantha watches with some inadvisable amusement. After the brush and some strap, the girls are directed to hold candles on odd pedestals, as an “obligation to God.” Silly stuff.

(J) (F/f; time: 6 minutes) The girls are in civvies now, not club garb, but they are no less fetching. They are returning late from somewhere, so Shane is waiting with a cane. We can assume that having a red bottom while working in the club is an asset.

Alison drops her jeans and bends over, showing just a thong. The caning is moderate. Samantha holds her wrists to keep her still. Samantha gets in position for the cane. A cliffhanger.

(K)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) All too brief, because Ms. Woodley is caned here. She wears a g-string, so that her bottom is as bare as it is going to get in this series. A moderate caning, but one angry stripe appears. We bet they argued about that later. It will last awhile. Bottoms on parade to conclude.

(L)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are going to be spanked for dishonesty. They wear another naughty club outfit—schoolie stuff, tiny kilts and tied up blouses with bare midriffs. Shane will use a leather paddle. Shane has the girls lie side by side on a large table. Shane pulls down both pairs of panties and paddles both girls. We note here Samantha keeps her legs crossed to discourage any up-the-legs shots.

(M)(F/2f; time: 6 minutes) Listed as the finale, and not much of a one. The two girls are being paddled on the pool table, bare bottom. The positioning does not allow for much of a smacking. Alison seems to get the worst of it. Is it because Shane can’t quite reach Samantha? Tepid stuff. The girls display bottoms kneeling on a chair.

(N) (2F/f: time: 7 minutes) The girls manage to jump Shane and turn the tables. They bend her over the pool table, Samantha climbs up and sits on her, and Alison paddles. Tepid stuff again and not the best of camera angles.

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