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Painful Prescription for Sinead Tennant – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

20 Jul

M/f; year: 2013; time: 13 minutes

Agean wakes up a cute blonde. She looks so small under a huge duvet. He is going to give her a medical checkup and brought his gear. She should be nervous if she has heard what he does. Jasmine Lau and Kami Robertson are two who know.

Pulse and blood pressure. pj’s up for stethoscope. Nothing wrong with her. Out of bed, OTK, little white shorts, tight little bottom. Tramp stamp and buttocks tattoo. Simple spanking, lovely little non-prototype bottom.

Mantelpiece at FIRMHAND

9 Jul

Most of the sets FIRMHAND uses contain fireplaces, because the mantelpiece or hearth is so essential to the depiction of domestic spankings. There is one fireplace here of modern design and a bulging round flue. The mantel amounts to a narrow ledge about 5 feet off the floor. Directors delighted in perching girls there. All a girl could do was position herself like a diver doing a back dive, cling and hope.

’Au Pair (F) Kylee Anders. (M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Jonny Stockton and Kylee, in the most adventurous use of this rounded mantelpiece ledge we have seen. Playful blond Kylee pulls off her long T-shirt and  is naked. Jonny begins spanking her as she stands at the fireplace. A firm spanking, bruises, she squirms.

Kylee uses a chair to climb up onto the ledge, without help. Jonny will paddle this glorious naked girl as she hugs the curvature. No help from Jonny here either.

Kylee climbs down and tries to cover up. Why bother? She checks her red bottom and walks around the kitchen in that sexy T.

Au Pair (C) Kylee Anders’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A different hearth and mantel. Jonny Stockton has caught Kylee wearing his wife’s dress. She strips off the dress and walks though the house in just  G-string, to get a strap Jonny needs. Nice. Up onto a hearth, a rough fieldstone wall, not so high as the mantel described elsewhere. Tawse first, the G-string peeled down and tossed. Very hot. She rubs her mottled bottom. Slow motion repeats.

Celebrity Brat’ (CG) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A guy pulls Lillian White’s shorts off and lifts her to stand on the mantle ledge. He handspanks her bare bottom there, using his other hand to steady her. He pulls down her blue lace panties. Her bottom is in his face. She stands on tiptoe on the narrow rim. Blotchy bruises. He lifts her down. Slow motion.

‘Sugar Daddy (H) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 9 minutes)John Friday and Katya Nostrovia in front of the mantelpiece. Katya plays  up to Friday. She wears a slinky leopard print dress, which she seems eager to take off. Friday gets his paddle. He lifts her right up onto the ledge and begins to paddle her covered bottom right in his face. He rucks  up her dress, just a red thong and garters for nylons. Katya hugs the flue. Friday, after a bit, does secure her with his other hand. He lifts her down and they cuddle.

Truly Madly Deeply’ (G) M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Jonny Stockton and his gorgeous partner Stacey. She failed in home chores while he worked. She will be spanked for it.

Very quickly to a stone mantel structure, a different one, not so high, and built of rough field stone with provides a grip. Stacey climbs up and Jonny begins a strapping on her colorful leisure pants. Nice camera angle variety, low, side, and facial. Pants down, tight pattern panties, sensational bottom from these angles.

Panties down, full screen bottom, strapping concludes, she is helped down. Very sexy. Slow motion.

Mira North at FIRMHAND

9 Jul

Another series in 2006 with Samantha Woodley practicing her hand as a Top. Sorority stuff.

(C)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) Mira stands in the frisk position at the wall. Samantha will use the leather paddle. Mira drops her jeans and struggles to keep her panties in place. Samantha spanks well, but will improve.

(D)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) The sorority indoctrination continues. Samantha: “Bend over the table and we’ll sort this out with the strap. I want the jeans and panties down.” Mira squeals under the strap. “10. more” to ensure things.


(F)(F/f; time: 3 minutes) Samantha is going to use a very big hairbrush on Mira for flirting with her boyfriend. Silly. “We have ways of dealing with this.” OTK. “Get this skirt up.” Ms. Woodley spanks just as hard with the hairbrush Asia needs to be done.

(G)(F/f; time: 4 minutes) Mira is getting horrible grades, embarrassing the sorority. The hairbrush will clarify things. “Get over my lap right now.” Samantha takes down her panties. The episode graphic says Mira took 100 with the hairbrush. Maybe. Outtakes with Mira, Samantha, and Sierra Salem, who must be directing and filming.


8 Jul

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 13 minutes)

A Niki Flynn film we missed, with Kathy Rose James. and James Walker. The girls are sick and a doctor has been sent for. The parents are Paul Kennedy and a woman. Dr. Walker arrives. He will stay and tend to the girls, and do some “babysitting.” He is already wearing scrubs. Exactly what is he intending to do?

Walker breaks up a silly pillow fight and will spank James first. Mils stuff, pajamas down. He turns to Niki, OTK, white knickers down. Back to bed for the girls. The girls struggle and try to sneak out. They are caught and spanked again. Not much here.

By Order of the Court – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 Jul

M/f; year: 2016; time: 42 minutes) A long film, and a plot which provides for serial spanking. Four girls, Alex Reynolds, Harley Havik, CupKake Sinclair, and Violet October have arrived at prison and are still dressed in rather provocative civilian clothing. It seems to fall on guard Paul Kennedy to give each of them a arrival spanking.

The film lacks a touch of the institutional setting. This work should be done in a storeroom or cellar somewhere. The girls wait apprehensively for Kennedy to appear. Kennedy arrives and announces the caning sentence. “Strip completely.” “What?”

The four girls quickly strip naked and will be called into the next room in turn. But first, hands on head. Kennedy wants a look. “Hands on head….spread your legs.”

Sinclair will be caned first. She must read out her sentence then bend over a table. It will be 25 of the cane, on the “butt-ocks.’ as she pronounces it. She counts and moans through her strokes.

Havik is next, the most dramatic of the four bottoms. Same caning, Kennedy goes a little easier here.

October: after her caning Kennedy notes “It’s all welted.”

And Reynolds, in the style of the girls in the RIGIDEAST ‘Wild Party’ films, “I don[t want to go.” Her punishment isd the birch. Kennedy takes a nasty looking bundle out of brine. She wails through her 25. There are marks ibn the shape of the bundle, like fingers over her cheeks.