Mantelpiece at FIRMHAND

9 Jul

Most of the sets FIRMHAND uses contain fireplaces, because the mantelpiece or hearth is so essential to the depiction of domestic spankings. There is one fireplace here of modern design and a bulging round flue. The mantel amounts to a narrow ledge about 5 feet off the floor. Directors delighted in perching girls there. All a girl could do was position herself like a diver doing a back dive, cling and hope.

’Au Pair (F) Kylee Anders. (M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Jonny Stockton and Kylee, in the most adventurous use of this rounded mantelpiece ledge we have seen. Playful blond Kylee pulls off her long T-shirt and  is naked. Jonny begins spanking her as she stands at the fireplace. A firm spanking, bruises, she squirms.

Kylee uses a chair to climb up onto the ledge, without help. Jonny will paddle this glorious naked girl as she hugs the curvature. No help from Jonny here either.

Kylee climbs down and tries to cover up. Why bother? She checks her red bottom and walks around the kitchen in that sexy T.

Au Pair (C) Kylee Anders’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A different hearth and mantel. Jonny Stockton has caught Kylee wearing his wife’s dress. She strips off the dress and walks though the house in just  G-string, to get a strap Jonny needs. Nice. Up onto a hearth, a rough fieldstone wall, not so high as the mantel described elsewhere. Tawse first, the G-string peeled down and tossed. Very hot. She rubs her mottled bottom. Slow motion repeats.

Celebrity Brat’ (CG) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A guy pulls Lillian White’s shorts off and lifts her to stand on the mantle ledge. He handspanks her bare bottom there, using his other hand to steady her. He pulls down her blue lace panties. Her bottom is in his face. She stands on tiptoe on the narrow rim. Blotchy bruises. He lifts her down. Slow motion.

‘Sugar Daddy (H) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 9 minutes)John Friday and Katya Nostrovia in front of the mantelpiece. Katya plays  up to Friday. She wears a slinky leopard print dress, which she seems eager to take off. Friday gets his paddle. He lifts her right up onto the ledge and begins to paddle her covered bottom right in his face. He rucks  up her dress, just a red thong and garters for nylons. Katya hugs the flue. Friday, after a bit, does secure her with his other hand. He lifts her down and they cuddle.

Truly Madly Deeply’ (G) M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) Jonny Stockton and his gorgeous partner Stacey. She failed in home chores while he worked. She will be spanked for it.

Very quickly to a stone mantel structure, a different one, not so high, and built of rough field stone with provides a grip. Stacey climbs up and Jonny begins a strapping on her colorful leisure pants. Nice camera angle variety, low, side, and facial. Pants down, tight pattern panties, sensational bottom from these angles.

Panties down, full screen bottom, strapping concludes, she is helped down. Very sexy. Slow motion.

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