Antonia – JANUS

2 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A wonderful old film, made on the same set as the classic ‘The Disciplinarian.’ Essentially the same story, and just as kinky. Antonia is a deadly cute normal blonde with eyeglasses. She has been caught smoking and sent to the school disciplinarian, and made to wait “only an hour.” Antonia is scolded and threatened with the cane. She must return at 9 PM.

She reports and the skirt comes off immediately. “Bend over.” Full beige knickers. 4 strokes of the cane to start-Antonia squeals realistically. “Take those knickers down.” She covers up. The teacher seems to be putting her knickers in his pocket, before he tosses them aside. Might need a gag

Bend over again, more strokes and squealing. Very erotic. “Get your bottom in the air.” Matters escalate at this hour. “Take your blouse off.” Antonia is now not so sure. She unbuttons slowly. She is wearing a low cut flesh colored bra. Frontals confirm a tawny color. More strokes.

After a cut, bra and panties are back on, but she strips naked again. “Face the wall in disgrace.” Hands on the mantel. She gets the strap this time. Squeals and tears. She bends over for the paddle and tries to cover. “Down girl, down.” Convincing welts and marks by now. She faces the camera, sweet frontal, and apologizes. Palm slaps. And, naked: “Stand there for half an hour.”

3 Responses to “Antonia – JANUS”

  1. naughty nora August 3, 2021 at 8:20 pm #

    I was able to view a preview of this video on Spanking Tube. Fantastic!

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