25 Aug

A sturdy-looking blonde whose pigtails and carefully muted makeup give her an erotic rural demeanor.

‘Mable long and thorough spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Mable is cornered, in pajama top and print panties. Pigtails. She removes her panties and is directed to straddle the hassock. Handspanking. Facials. An especially colorful bottom view, all puss from the straddle.

‘Mable paddled office’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Schoolgirl Mable fidgets outside Masterson’s office, nervously awaiting, a scene RSN loves. He calls her in and tells her to bring the paddle hanging on a hook. She enters and takes her pants down, heavily marked. She backs up to his desk to give us a good view.

Mable leans on the desk, her panties back up, wishful thinking. Paddled on the panties first, then they come down. More paddle. Alternate views. Massive bruises.

Mable paddled sports gear’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The classroom format. Mable wears the uniform—white sports bra and white tights. She must assume the thrust position, using the blue tape markers on the floor Masterson will paddle the bejesus out of her with a smaller wood paddle that can cover one buttock at a time. He paddles fast and hard.

Mable stands to drop her tights and panties. Her bottom is a purple mass of bruises. Back into the thrust for more paddling After this phase she in made to assume one of RSN’S stress positions. She kneels on all fours, resting on her elbows and knee bones. Mable has to stare at an hour glass.

The second part of this film is one of Masterson’s interviews. We realize this paddling is the culmination of a day of spankings, explaining why her bottom looks like Flanders Field. Masterson comments Mable does not seem to cry. Halfway through the interview Masterson asks Mable to show her bottom again, which she does, and he agrees she’s had enough for today.

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