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30 Oct

One of the most erotic and versatile models. We review her separately.

Asian Spanking’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Probably  not the title,  the model is not Asian from our vantage point, more Mediterranean, Yasmin. The steel blond domme Joanna spanks in a bedroom, not hard enough to note. And  a light strap. There are fades here which suggest shooting difficulties. 

Breaking of Parole’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) An unusually explicit film from XEROTICS. Agean plays a parole officer and the familiar blonde is (Joanna)‘Prickart.’) She has been sent to him because all else has failed. With no fanfare,Prickart removes her jeans. No panties. ‘Disgusting.’
She is made to lie on a bench, straddling it, giving full exposure to her vagina. Very Russian, except for even better production values. Handspanking first.

When Agean reaches for the cane, “Please, sir, not the cane.” 18 impressive strokes are shown, with repeats from facial and bottom.

Caned Bottom’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Valkerie has Joanna in front of the exercise wall. You wonder immediately if she will live up to her reputation. We watched Joanna drop her knickers and put a cigarette between her cheeks. Valkerie searches and finds the cigarette. Her bottom is very red, unusually so. Hands on a chair, 16 strokes of the cane, typically hard, some repeats, and Joanna gets her red face.

Joanna Chastised’(remastered)’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) This short film is set on a stage XEROTICS used often, a sort of gym background. The distributor of this film is shown as “more at” There are a few previews at the conclusion, which might suggest this producer is expanding some older films and enhancing intensity.

Joanna reports to ‘Agean.’ “You’re going to be corporally punished.” She is directed to drop her jeans. He is quick to note she is not wearing panties. “Lie down on the bench.” Very Russian. Her thighs are pulled wide, and we have the most gynecological scene you will find in the trade.

He gives her a handspanking. She rubs and pries her buttocks apart, providing even more unusually intimate views. As we watch this, maybe this film had been canned for its graphic nature and has now been released.

Time for the cane in this short film. Excellent facials of Joanna suffering. And Agean  does not take enough care of that far buttock.

Joanna Strips’ (f; time: 3 minutes) Blonde Joanna strips in front of a fireplace; rather naughty, she spreads her buttocks and takes some hardcore poses. Panties up and down. Red bottom, a rest from her spanking shoots.

’Joanna visits Mr. Windsor’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Auburn haired Joanna calls on blogger Mr. Richard Windsor, a lucky guy, he gets to play with the stars. He sits behind his desk in front of a large array of formidable spanking implements. She is “actively seeking someone to give me my first spanking.”

He will start her off with an OTK spanking. Over his lap, yikes, the desk is going to inhibit the view. They figure it out and shoot over the desk. Skirt up then panties down. The girl is a good innocent.

After the handspanking Joanna must select two implements. She chooses a school paddle and a cane, because she “always wanted to try them” to be continued.

‘Caned Bottom’ (F/f’ time: 9 minutes) Pigtailed blonde ‘Joanna’ waits in front of the wood frame exercise wall in the faux gym this producer often used, especially by her. She hides a rolled 5-pound note between her buttocks.

A tall and young blond domme comes on the scene, one who we have seen only a few times in this series, and the kind of attractive disciplinarian who can get swept up now and again by headmasters in these films. She will search Joanna.

She starts by feeling through Joanna’s  clothing, then pulls her panties down and finds the note. Hands on chair for the cane. “10 last time…here we go again, this time 16, girl.” We counted 18 moderate strokes. Joanna jumps nicely at the pain and the practice swooshes. Some repeats, good marks.

‘Charlie, Pleasure’ (f; time: 7 minutes) In the Charlie character, Joanna uses a dildo anally while she frigs herself.

‘Charlie Pleasure 3’ (f; time: 5 minutes) Simple masturbation on a chair in front of a white backdrop.

‘Charlie Pleasure 4’ (f; time: 4 minutes) More masturbation, this time with a dildo.

Charlie Pleasure 5’ (f; time: 5 minutes) Joanna strips naked at a tub then masturbates with a huge double dildo.

Joanna‘ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Agean’ and a blond woman will have student ‘Joanna’ confess her sins for the week. She is wearing just a T-shirt and panties, which must signal what is expected in these sessions.

Both Agean and the lady will spank her OTK first; she has already been spanked, and not so long ago.

They both cane her, 10 from Agean and 6 from the woman; red face, tears, sufficiently convincing. 

‘GB Charlie and Heidi’ (F/f; Joanna in her ‘Charlie’ character with buxom German Heidi. The two schoolgirls strip together. Both have red bottoms, busy day. Just a silly girly show.

Joanna Bared for Her Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Joanna and Agean in the storeroom office set. She lounges on two chairs and wears a black outfit. Agean begins an entertaining OTK spanking. She is a bit bruised already.

Legs spread on his lap, lots of puss. After the spanking, Joanna stands hands on head in just the black top. Agean takes a close look at her. He now canes her, eight hard strokes, some viewed from her facial side only. More hands on head. Lovely classic CP pair.

Joanna’s Thrashing’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Mr. Henderson takes blond Joanna OTK. She wears a bright red kilt, white blouse, and white knickers. As she usually does, she spreads her legs to keep her balance on his lap. Knickers down, a clear bottom. To the corner, hands on head, kilt tucked up. Next comes a long slippering, bent over a chair.

Henderson follows his formula and takes up a cane. Six strokes, each repeated face and bottom. Joanna is so expressive the repeats can be identified. Tram lines, tears, and stomping.

‘Joanna Chastised’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Her most naughty film, and Peters doing his most wicked. The graphic describes the film as remastered, and it does contain some excerpted scenes.

The film opens with Joanna hanging her head in front of the exercise wall. Agean attends. She drops her jeans and knickers. Joanna straddles a bench cowgirl style so that her charms are the main feature. All puss- very Russian.Agean gives her a caning in this posture. Very hot, significant marks

A fade. Joanna works on an exercise machine, wearing just full regulation knickers. Peters attends here, Her knickers come down, full frontal, shaved. He teases between her legs with the cane tip, hot stuff.

Another scene, Joanna is bent over for the cane. There will be tears here. Pussy closeups, and vagina punishment. Very pornographic.

Knickers Down Detention’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Another session with Agean and Joanna at the exercise wall. He wears academic robes, she is the usual schoolgirl. Jumper up, an already red bottom shows around her red knickers. She pulls the knickers down herself, bends over, and spreads her legs almost to the limit. A mild caning, but she is heavily marked, the full variety. Closeups on a thoroughly spanked bottom.

‘Joanna as dunce’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Not the title. A hot little film. Hastings-Gore has pigtailed Joanna, down to just a gymslip no knickers, in the corner of the fully equipped classroom where she has whipped so many students. Gymslip overhead, Joanna is naked.

HG begins spanking with a small paddle, then switches to a cane. About 15 strokes shown, have to be repeats. Very hard. Joanna leaps up on several shots. One of the best brief canings. Very colorful. Joanna rubs fiercely. Dunce cap on, to the corner naked.

Prayer Lesson’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes)’Miss Gillian Lancer’ appears on her classroom set, where she paces on the platform in front of the desks. We’ve seen spankings here to the best of them. Surely one of the Glasgow producers. Blond pigtailed ‘Pritchart’ (Joanna) and brunette ‘Emily’ are subjected to scolding and a reading from a lectern. They can’t suppress giggles. On the wall is a rack with spanking implements hanging from hooks.

Pritchart is called up onto the platform first. After more scolding, she bends over. Gillian Lancer flips up her skirt and the girl herself pulls down her white regulation panties. Very nice surrender. Handspanking, and a strap taken off its hook.

Emily’s turn on the hustings. She bends over Gillian-Lancer’s desk, G-L takes down her pantyhose for handspanking and strap.

‘Physical inspection’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Ponytailed  blonde Joanna has reported to ‘Peters’ on the gymnasium set. She is to have a “physical inspection” and admits she is out of shape. She has forgotten her gym shoes and still wears her high-heel maryjanes. We guess though, that she has not forgotten that Peters likes to conduct these little inspections with the girl naked.

He begins his inspection; up with her skirt, she has been spanked recently, bright stripes. Skirt off, onto the exercise machine, arm and leg strengthening, with a forward-backward motion. As she moves, Peters smacks her bottom when he can reach it. “Higher.” “Faster.”

Tie and blouse off, no bra, down to full black panties and knee socks. Plausible adolescent body. Bend over for a handspanking. Standing again, Peters pulls her panties down. Shaved. Hands on head for the cane, standing at the machine. Real marks develop. This film will be more explicit than most of the XEROTICS films.

Panties at her thighs, back onto the machine. She seems more motivated now. Off for more of the cane, Peters teases with its tip, spreading her labia. She stretches at full height, naked, grabbing a bar on the wall. Very nice.

Joanna  bends for more caning, and is allowed to masturbate with one hand as Peters whips. He gives her a large purple dildo vibrator, with the rabbit for her clitoris, and spreads her cheeks so our view is better as she works it with expertise. Next, she kneels on the floor and keeps using the big dildo while Peters straps her very red bottom. She is left naked, on display, with the cane and dildo.

Role Reversal’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Joanna and Heidi. Even though Heidi is dressed as the dominatrix here, Joanna will spank her. It should have gone the other way, because Joanna isn’t very good at it. They are at a bathtub. After Joanna does some spanking, she uses a dildo on herself.

‘Rules of the House’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Blond Joanna and a heavyset girl have come home late and Mr. Harvey will spank them for it. The heavy girl is spanked and strapped first as Joanna watches. Joanna is next, she strips to red bra and panties.  Her spanking goes easier. 

‘Simpson’s Session’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Joanna as a dour domme spanks Elizabeth Simpson. Jeans and knickers down, Joanna turns her perfect red. She rubs and scolds on the blank set with the familiar wood floor. Fade: hands on chair for a strap.

sgs pick pockets’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Emily and Joanna, in schoolgirl pinafores, search through clothing hung in the cloakroom set often used. They are brazen and open about it and will deserve what they get, which might be entertaining, given the length of this film. Miss Hastings-Gore catches them. You were hoping it would be her—this is her studio, and she knows how to leave a lasting impression.

After the scolding, blond Joanna is sent to get a cane. It is a huge one, almost a walking stick. Brunette Emily bends over first. Medium sized knickers leave more of bottom bare. And of course it is already pink. The first cane stroke is a shock, what we hoped for. HG does not skimp. Emily screams through her strokes, 9 strokes depicted, and the caning is repeated NU-WEST style from the side and bottom view.

Joanna had been placed at the wall and made to hold paper money she stole against the wall with her nose. Now it is her turn for the cane. Just as hard? Closeups of Emily rubbing her wheals. HG warms Joanna up with a ping pong bat, then 6 hard cane strokes on the bare. As with Emily, the strokes are so severe she needs time to recover. Not sure why, but this heavy cane did not leave tram lines on either girl.

Stages of a Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Blonde  Joanna Pritchart wears a red skirt and blouse. She is waiting for Peters and she tries the cane on herself. She is nervous. Peters arrives.. Her kilt comes up and he takes her knickers down, very slowly. Some wall time, hands on head. Long frontals. Peters takes up the cane, about 12 strokes shown, with repeats. “Legs apart.” Cheeks spreading, tawny frontals. Model Joanna is not shy. She cries out, struggles, and sniffles. When she stands her face is as red as her bottom. She will wait bare bottom at the wall for 30 minutes.

Waiting for the Rod’  (M/f; time: 15 minutes) ‘Peters’ in this film, he can be capable of some of the more graphic stuff in this series. ‘Pritchart,’ (Joanna) tall blonde in pigtails, plays with a cane and smacks herself a few times. Peters arrives, he’ll show her what the cane is like.

Pritchart stands in front of him. Peters peels down her panties as she faces us. Shaved. A slow handspanking OTK.  After some wall time, Pritchart bends over for the cane–12 strokes. Red face, tears.

Abigail at XEROTICS

30 Oct

Abi Back Again’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Frosted blonde Abi, in schoolgirl kit, on the empty set with the wood floor. Spankings are usually fierce in this setting, given the sparse setup. Mike Stevenson will do the spanking, a caning.

Stevenson lays on over 90 strokes shown, normal repeat technique. Fast flurries and slow rhythmic groups. No matter how you count, this model took a severe Stevenson-style whipping.

Abby’s slippering’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond braided hair Abigail narrates that she is about to be given a slippering. Abby drops her knickers and shows herself, frontal and bottom. She’s been spanked recently, and she shaves. She bends over a vaulting trestle, Peters gives her a very hard slippering. The film ends with a long palm slapping with a strap, with delightful frontals throughout. This model is a gamer.

Agean in the Classroom’ (M/2f; time:24 minutes) This film might have been a prequel to ‘Class Idiots,’ the latter a classic for us. He is in the famous classroom (now set up at the British Museum) with Abigail (Trudy) and Elizabeth Simpson. He prattles on from the podium while the girls roll their eyes in derision and boredom. Agean will find a way to get at eat them.

He finds cigarettes in Simpson’s desk. Abi will be spanked first OTK, white knickers bunched. Bend over, the strap. Hands on head at the door. Simpson gets the same.

Cane next, 20 strokes counted aloud, no doubles. When she sasses Agean, she earns the strap. Probably because these three were making several films on this set, the knickers stay on. 18 cane strokes for Elizabeth, also on cotton.

Annual Medical’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A terrific performance from Ms. Abi. She again wears the same school uniform. She reports to Mr. Henderson in an infirmary setting. XEROTICS made some attempt here to position some medical equipment. Henderson informs her tests showed she is masturbating too much, and for this he is going to cane her.

He begins with some inexplicable mild taps on her regulation maroon knickers. Abigail takes down her knickers and Henderson begins an unusually severe caning. Almost 50 strokes are shown, repeats from several angles. She jumps around and especially doesn’t like some intentionally low strokes. She is well marked. A great caning for this courageous model.

Caning at home’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A smarmy little redhead schoolgirl, Abigail, sits on a couch. She is loaded with facial jewelry, and what all else we will see. She stands and removes her skirt. Peters steps into the frame and pulls down her knickers. After more waiting and a leisurely frontal, the spanking begins.

Peters takes her OTK bare bottom. An invasive spanking, Peters likes to pry and probe. After Peters puts ointment on Abigail’s bottom, she gets a moderate caning for the rest of the film.

Class Idiots’ (2M/2f; time: 16 minutes) A slightly shaggy guy, a “relief” teacher who might be counting his stars to have gotten a shot in this girls’ school,however brief, has corralled two girls, ‘Elizabeth’ (Elizabeth Simpson) and ‘Abigail English.’ He quizzes them on architecture. Behind him on the wall of a classroom used in many films is a rack of spanking implements.

This relief teacher has a lot of power. He requires Abigail, a thin blonde with beaded hair, to stand on a chair. He holds a cane. “Take your top off.” She is hesitant and should be, but she pulls off her sweater, then her necktie and blouse. The teacher doesn’t like her flowered bra. “Lose it.” Skirt next, done with one hand while she covers her breasts. She s conflicted on how to cover. Cute. “Hands at your sides.” Elizabeth hands the teacher the classic pointed dunce cap, which requires Abigail to bend forward to have it put on.

The kinky teacher smacks her panties with a strap. “I want you to take your knickers down, slowly, so that we all can have a good look.” She hesitates, so he pulls them down. Shaved. He keeps strapping while she faces us. He does pivot her a bit to show us the progress he has made.

Elizabeth’s turn and not so difficult for her. Bend-over, she pulls her own knickers down. At this moment the headmaster enters, the actor ‘Agean,’ and he is not surprised, by either the twe girls, one naked and the other with her pants at her knees, or how fart this temporary teacher has progressed with them.

Agean will make it all official by giving each girl 6 cane strokes.Elizabeth has to climb on a chair also, with her pants but Abi has center stage in the film. A favorite of ours.

Don’t Snigger‘ Two students, Elizabeth Simpson and blond ‘English, (Abigail), will endure long lectures and spankings from the domme. Ms. Gillian-Lancer. She quizzes the girls and spanks them for their responses. Both girls get OTK spankings in the first round of failures, and a strap, OTK and bent over.

More handspanking before matters require the cane. Simpson gets the first six shots, on her regulation knickers. When she returns to her desk, she seems to wink at the camera as if to taunt “didn’t hurt.” But it must have. Gillian Lancer uses those characteristic wrist snaps. English gets her six, and she reacts differently, gasping and grabbing. White panties.

True to form, the next canings will be on the bare. Simpson pulls her own pants down, to display laddered marks from the accurate domme. 12 more on the bare for her. English next. She has a different contract. Her panties survive for 10.

girls caught’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, with two girls who are dressed to appear no better than they should be. The blonde, Trudy (Abi), is interviewing the brunette to be a call girl, and she tells the busty brunette this house offers Its clients a bit more. “Spanking? I don’t know.” When she hears it will pay more, she will try it out.

Peters, who must run the house, interrupts them and is displeased with the scene. He can now spank them both. The buxom brunette wants a job. Peters makes the brunette discard her denim shorts and orders Trudy to strip down and go OTK. He shows the brunette Trudy’s bruised bottom. “That’s what you’re going to have to take if you want to work with us.” “OK.”

She takes the brunette OTK. She must drop her G-string. “I’m not so sure about this.” After her demonstration spanking, Peters puts her in the corner and pulls up her halter top to expose her boobs. He likes this humiliation. More spanking for Trudy, a slipper this time. He lets Trudy have some cracks.

Her Severe caning’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Abigail with Peters. She has been caught misbehaving in school. She was promised a severe caning next time and here it comes. She is instructed to bend over a school desk. Peters swishes a thin cane, something he likes to do. Skirt up, the caning first on maroon knickers. Ouch. Hard. 14 strokes shown, repeats. Then: “Take them off.” Abigail will stand for more on the bare, 9 shown, quivering, the alternate camera angle produces some naughty views.

’Juicy Girls Thrashed’ (MF/2f; time: 15 minutes) Trudy  and Janette go through a long lesbian scene, dildos and more, before they are caught by Vincent and Elizabeth Simpson. They are amused by it all until they hear their choice—taking a thrashing or give Vincent a blowjob.

They will take the thrashing. The girls are warmed up with  handspankings. Then the first girl’s punishment begins in earnest. Bare bottom, she bends over the couch  while Simpson canes her from one side and Vincent uses a wide strap from the other. The girl quivers and surges through a surprisingly hard spanking. Both Simpson and Vincent seem to try  to  outdo each other.  Vincent  adds a frig.

After seeing  this, the second girl decides a blowjob is a better deal and they  leave the set.

Locker Thief’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Corn row blonde schoolgirl Trudy Is caught stealing from lockers. Now that can’t come to a good end. Mr. Henderson on the job. He will spank her right there in the locker room. We don’t change scenes much in these films.

She stands and has her skirt tucked up and maroon panties pulled down. Henderson spanks her with a slipper, those shoes are always handy. A long slippering on an already red bottom. The cane comes next. 12 strokes are shown, probably 6 with repeats. Typically Henderson-severe. Would stop anyone from entering the locker room. Nice wheals

Masturbators will be punished‘ (MF/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Susan,’ a thin blonde, has been caught masturbating and Elizabeth Simpson brings her to Peters. They call the girl ‘English,’ the model Abigail. First, Simpson gives her a standard OTK spanking.

Peters will cane her. Over 15 impressive strokes, she jumps on each. This model can take the cane. The second student, called later Louise, is watching and wincing. On one stroke: “Shit!” “I beg your pardon?” She earns more. Simpson wants her uniform off, ”a disgrace.” A fast cute tawny frontal flash at the end.

Math Reject’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Classic Abigail, schoolgirl. Henderson will try to whip some smarts into Abigail. He looks over her math work, then haves her bend over a vaulting horse. Regulation maroon knickers down, she is already bruised. She has made several films in this exact school uniform. Hard spanking, she jumps.

Cut to a fully equipped classroom set. Skirt up, the caning begins, 4 on her knickers then 25 on the bare. Surely repeats, the cane is as thick as a walking stick. Very erotic caning on a suffering bottom.

Private lessons’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Abigail (Trudy) and a young Peters. She is being scolded in a classroom and is soon over a desk for a fairly good caning. 12 strokes on her knickers with repeats, a pause, then about 10 more on the bare. Quivering, significant marks, repeats again.

Simple Schoolgirl Slipper’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Another appearance by Abigail in her schoolie red sweater and grey skirt. She waits anxiously on a darkened set for Peters. He arrives and positions her just so for her punishment. He has her drop her knickers and face us. He likes his pussy we know. No shortage of bottoms.

He directs her to bend over the ”horse,” showing stripes she already has. Peters goes to work with a slipper. This film is all spanking, no diversions. Abigail gasps. Very good. ”Rub your bottom.” Another long frontal. Then palm slaps, which she, like most models, doesn’t like very much. Hands on head, bottom on display.

Thrashed Assistants’ (MF/2f. time: 10 minutes) Agean and Miss Hastings-Gore share their disappointment with two girls who work as their assistants. The girls are summoned. The girls will be spanked separately, by both Agean and Gore, one on each buttock.
. Agean will take Simpson first, and she is not happy about being selected. “Me?” (This actress never gets a day off.) Slacks down, they go to work on her knickers and then on the bare.

The corn row blonde Abigail goes OTK next, and she struggles to prevent her slacks from being taken down. She gets the same hard double spanking, on white knickers and then without them. Because she resisted so much, Agean finishes her off with a strap.

Trudy Test’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An unusual film, although brief. A male is going to give Trudy a spanking audition. The set is the cluttered backstage scene, with equipment scattered about. The unusual aspect here, though, is the audience. Visible in the background are Peters, Valkerie, Sarah Collins, and several others. They certainly weren’t called in for this episode; they must have been working that day.

The guy gives her a brief but thorough spanking on her slacks, knickers, and on the bare. Hands on chair for a strap. She walks off. Did she pass?

Trudy Strapped’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Braided blonde Abigail or Trudy (hence  the title) is  Mr. Henderson’s bookkeeper. The books are not balanced. Both he and she seem to be willing to trade a spanking for this discrepancy. Depending on the size of the error, this would not be a bad solution for a lot of workplace problems.

Long scolding on a couch. Abigail stands and Henderson drops her pants, certainly part of his fun. Red panties down.  OTK. Routine handspanking, clear bottom. Abigail’s pale complexion makes for a fine spanking model. In various camera angles, she looks a foot taller than Henderson.

Abigail bends over a modern chrome chair. There is a stripper’s pole in the shot, which we see in other films on this set. Thong has come back up. Paddle here.

Fae Corbin at XEROTICS and more

29 Oct

‘Fae bends over’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Not the title. Fae Corbin is in the midst of spanking Kayla. Both are in bra and panties. Kayla is already well marked. A third woman enters the room and is very angry. Lesbian action.

After a cut, the woman has put on a strap-on dildo and is giving Fae a jolly rogering. Then off to the bedroom they go. An unusual film for XEROTICS.

Fae on probation’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Little brunette is on some kind of probation and has come in late, which is a breach. Elizabeth Simpson: “Let’s get on with it.” Simpson was waiting with a cane and a strap on her desk.

She takes Fae OTK. Despite Fae appearing to be a diminutive girl, she has wide feminine hips and a bottom for celebrity. Knickers down, bend over, hands on a chair for the strap first. Her bottom becomes fully red, held full screen. A very thick cane next, 15 strokes, short and sharp. Simpson seems to lighten up as she goes.

Missed job interview’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson is very unhappy with Fae, who missed a job interview despite Simpson’s preparations. Fae kneels up on the couch and Simpson pulls down her knickers. From the look of Fae’s bottom, Simpson must have been otherwise disappointed in Fae very recently. Routine handspanking, then a big strap. Zoom on blisters. Fae tries to pull down her dress, but Simpson wants her bottom exposed for a while.

My name is Fae’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A demure and simple brunette schoolgirl. Peters instructs her to strip naked and lie over a pillow on a low table. There follows a naked strapping with three different implements and a caning. Fae’s bottom is full screen most of the film. Simple story but effective.

‘Painful Lesson with Miss Strickland for Fae Corbin’ (F/f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT. Early Fae. Schoolgirl in trouble. OTK, standard spanking on full white knickers. Lefthander. To the wall, hands on head for the slipper, Fae hands over her knickers and bends over, legs spread. The position is unstable for the slipper, so they more to a chair. Fae’s wide hips the feature.

Password Not Working’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Fae is a computer tech employee and she has messed up the password on the ’colonel’s’ computer. He has called boss Elizabeth Simpson to complain, and Fae is going to get a spanking.

Straightforward OTK spanking, and some of the cane. Fae is one of those models whose bottom always surprises.

‘Waiting for the cane’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Little schoolgirl Fae fidgets on an empty set. She is being scolded by Peters for causing a ruckus on the school bus. When she was spanked three weeks ago, she was promised a caning for the next infraction.

Fae turns around, raises her kilt, and pulls her full white knickers down. Peters warms her up with a brief handspanking, then lays on about 14 moderate cane strokes. No facials, no repeats that we could detect. All bottom in this episode.


27 Oct

Alex Hyde and Camilla Scott, a/k/a Bow Faithful Kissie, and here Kissie Faithful. There are numerous films in this series. We doubt any of our purchase money will reach them. The films seem to have been made at about the same time and on the same sets as the film reviews we have done for GIRLSBOARDINGSSCHOOL REDSTRIPE/STRAND, XEROTICS, and FIRMHAND. These films too have some set innovation, albeit limited production budget. We won’t do them all.

I Can’t Rest’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) LILYSTARR. Kissie and Alex wake up in bed in the morning. Kissie nas been very restless and kept Alex awake. He wiil spank her for it, a good start to the day. Over pillows, a mild handspanking begins begins over her nightie. Camilla is always a cute kicker. Nightie up, Alex wants Kissie to remove her thong.

Kissie lies lengthwise over pillows for the strap. Mild flurries. Alex is wearing just shorts. This is over. Back to bed?

‘Kidnap’ (M/f; time: 27 minutes) One of the longest films the couple has made, resulting in one of the most lenghy spankings we’ve seen Camilla take. Kissi leaves an industrial site and stops a car on the road. Alex is driving and he pulls her into the car.. It seems they know each other. Kissi has been dealing drugs with her brother and turning him into a ’trafficker.’ Alex is going to punish her for such carelessness.

She isn’t much of a challenge. He begins spanking her on the front seat, then stops and opens the door to Improve the camera angle. “I’m going to spank you so hard.” He drags her out and stretches her over the car hood, skirt up, knickers down, for a handspanking and strap. The exterior shot is reminiscent of some desert scenes in NU-WEST.

Alex ties Kissie’s hands behind her back and puts her in the cargo area of his hatchback. There will follow some continuity problems – hands tied in front, or back; knickers gone or back. But a lot of sexy playful fun. He gags her with duct tape and drives off.

Alex takes her to a secluded woods clearing, where we begin a semi-naked bucolic romp often found in the BDSM genre. Her hands are tied behind her back again, and she got her knickers up somewhere along the way. Standing spanking, bare bottom. Alex ties her to branches, tucks up her dress, and uses a paddle.

Alex has her apologize to a positioned camera. After a fade, she runs off. It would have been better if she were wearing less or nothing at all. We are reminded of CALSTAR’s ’The Bounder,’ and several Russian NETTLES films. Alex catches her and ties and gags her again. Handspanking and his belt over a log. Alex is taking it light on this precious merchandise. She is tied to a tree, loosely enough the bark won’t rub. She is left for a while then released.

‘Kissie’s First Day at College’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Kissie has not eaten properly and had some other difficulties on her first day of college, and in this house that means knickers down. She sits on the same couch, wearing a little girl party dress, ribbons in her hair. Alex takes her OTK on the couch, dress up, lace knickers. Alex is in an awkward position for a righthanded spanking.

Alex has her stand and pulls her knickers down, we have the bottom view and he the frontal. Better position over just one knee. She shifts to the diaper position, holding her legs up herself. More revealing, and unusual for her. He uses a strap, harder and faster. ”Alex!” Finally, her bottom shows some marks. They hug.

‘Kissie’s Hidden Agenda’ (M/f: time: 55 minutes) The longest film by this couple we have seen. It is delivered in segments, which would have gone easier on Camilla’s bottom. Kissie sneaks in to Alex’s ’flat,’ the usual sitting room with patio windows. He hears her, she runs, he drags her back. She is always a limp noodle.

They broke up six months ago. What is she after? He wrestles her into a spanking posture. ”Remember our punishment,” as he teases her bottom into reach. ”You can’t do that any more.” He grabs her for a standing handspanking. She isn’t going to be much of a problem. He wants her little denim skirt off. It is so tight, only she can do it.

Over the couch arm, a familiar pose. Alex gets her knickers down, standard spanking. The lighting is better, for the moment. The little minx is left alone. She quickly steals a disk from his laptop case and reassumes position, putting her knickers back on, sure to aggravate Alex.

Alex returns with a mean-looking strap. Over the couch again, a bit harder with the strap. A frontal here, Camilla is shaved, and she is sparing with the glimpses. This session ends, and Kissie is able to run off with the disk.

After a segue, Kissie is dragged in again, wearing a different outfit. Let’s see if she changed her knickers. Alex finds the disk still in her purse. Having a saucy bottom does not automatically mean brain power, unless, of course, her hidden agenda is to be caught, spanked, and wanted. Kneel on the couch for a strap. She has changed her knickers, they read ”cheeky.” Alex pulls the knickers down. To the wall for the cane. There will be facials here, lest we not wonder how they arranged that with Kissie face at the wall.

Another fade. Kissie is now in the familiar bed. Alex pulls her out for the paddle. Another outfit. Little bikini knickers. She looks so tiny on the bed. Onto her knees, head down, for the paddle. One of the very exposed postures, unusual for Ms. Scott. The paddle here, then up and over the table, struggling with the light through the patio doors. Long scolding to fill out the length of this episode.

‘Kissie Paddled for Telling Fibs’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Formulaic stuff. Kissie has disappeared the paddle and fibs about doing it, and that is all Alex needs to give her a spanking. He must be ready for this hot little dolly. She sits shrinking on the familiar couch, wearing her bunny onesie again. Alex unzips the onesie and slides it down. Of course she is naked.

OTK on the couch, in an awkward position for him to spank righthanded. At least the positioning has been shifted so that the light from the glass patio doors doesn’t interfere. She is absolutely stunning naked. The camera takes several views of the spanking, the best the bottom shot as she kicks and struggles, just enough. He spanks a little harder and shifts to his thin paddle. Kissie is as erotic as we have seen her here.

‘Kissie in Trouble Again’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes);Alex waylays Kissie in her ”onsie” bunny suit. She is goofing off and they have a day’s work to do. Alex peels the suit off and she is naked underneath, so naked.

The day’s work? The shooting of spanking films. ”People want to buy them from us.” This confirms our impression that this couple in fact independently contracts with the producers we have reviewed. Inexplicably, the punishment for not making spanking films is a spanking. OK with us, especially here, where the magnificent Ms. Scott is starting out already naked.

Fast OTK in the usually challenged lighting. Apologies. ”Sorry is too late.” Kneel on the couch for a belt and lash. [airplane noises, keep whipping] Over the arm of the couch. ”Unclench,” Alex likes to say. 10 hard strokes at the end, a fondle, and a cunning frontal.

‘Very Severe Punishment for Kissie’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes) Formulaic stuff from the couple, but long enough that Camilla will have a sore bottom for the rest of the workday. Kissie did something to pull her little tush in danger, so Alex feels the need for punishment as a lesson. He announces he will use the tawse, strap, paddle, and ”the wire.” That should do it.

After a fade, Kissie is bent over the arm of the familiar couch, a pad under her, because she is going to be there a while. Skirt up, a long thin tawse first, on her little thong. He teases, she squeals. The camera work is poor—bottom shots are good, facial shots are dark. They are plagued again by too much light through the terrace windows.

“Bottom up.” He pulls down the thong. The doubled strap next. Alex must have watched NU-WEST to see the effectiveness of fast flurries, which makes Ms. Faithfull squirm. Alex fondles when he can, and we hear sniffles. The paddle is long and thin. ”Unclench,” he directs. She kicks up and he paddles her thighs.

The ’wire’ is next—it looks like a lash, maybe with a wire insert. Camilla doesn’t like it at all. ”Unclench.” He wants access to the cracks. Flurries. She falls off the couch. ”Oh, Alex!” ”We’re not finished yet.” Over the arm for more, then a hug and teary facials.

Kara Jayne Dempsey – XEROTICS

26 Oct

A popular blond British model, found with several producers.

Kara Jayne Profile‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Kara is a blond schoolgirl who is confronted by ‘John Osborne,’ who is in character here as the spanking film producer he still is. This will be her audition. First, OTK, white panties down.

Next, Kara bends over a chair for the cane, about 8 strokes. “How is that, Kara Jayne?” “It stings.” Peters is operating the camera with someone called ‘O’Brien’ and is prompting out loud. Osborne pries her buttocks apart for the pleasure of the film crew and detects that she is wet. “See the juice?” Everyone is amused.

A phone rings, so the crew steps in and take turns in continuing the caning and the filming. About 20 more strokes, then a round of applause from everyone.

Beating of Kara Jayne‘ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The pretty blond schoolgirl who made a number of films for MOONGLOW. The character ‘Peters’ will tend to her here. “Strip!” Skirt, tie, blouse, and panties off. She keeps her bra on as well as her knee socks. There may have been some law about total nudity, or, we’ve read, some aficionados prefer an item or two of extraneous clothing. Good girl, she has a clear bottom here. Peters starts with a strap then shifts to his cane. 18 strokes shown, various angles and repeats. Cute film, a little hot body, prototype convincing caning, and a nifty little beaver trim flashed at the conclusion.

Caned for playing’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Kirsty and Kara Jayne Dempsey on the glass walled SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS set. KJ is a delicious schoolgirl. Kirsty is a prefect or teacher. She takes Kara OTK for a conventional spanking, white knickers down. Kirsty gets a cane and decides she wants all Kara’s clothes off. She will do the undressing, although Kara could certainly have done it. There is a lesbian feel, prefect privileges. Skirt down, necktie off, blouse unbuttoned, then the white bra unhooked. This stripping is as erotic as the spanking. Kirsty teases with the cane tip then lays on 20 strokes shown, repeats. One errant aim catches Kara’s thigh and she grabs and yelps. Lovely blondes, nice performance.

Colin and Company, 3 girls for the rattan’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A young ‘Colin Dempsey.’ . He appears here with three very pretty girls, who are wearing just bra and panties. Kara Jayne Dempsey, Cathy2, and Paige. Three stunners. Each are spanked, then caned, on panties and on the bare.

Dempsey Caned’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey and a male character Colin Dempsey, who looks like a young Colin Baxter. She wears a spiffy schoolgirl outfit of white blouse and tartan kilt. Colin has a cane, so it looks like there will be no negotiation. The set is a room in the big house we have seen many times. He orders Kara to drop her knickers and raise her blouse. He pokes her vagina with his cane. She has been fooling around.

To begin, she kneels on all fours on the dining room table, knees wide, knickers pulled tight. Handspanking and fondling. 8 from the cane. Kara climbs down, over the table, bare bottom, another 6. Kara faces us and Colin teases her mohawk with his cane, maybe because they are both Dempsey’s?

Drop your knickers’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Peters in his ‘Mr. Wetherall’ character, again with Wendy Lloyd and here with Kara Jayne Dempsey. The set is the same as ‘Wendy Lloyd’s Slippering.’ Wendy bends over her desk, her skirt comes up, knickers down, she takes about 5 strokes of the cane. Peters seems to lighten up after a loud squeal.

In the background, Kara has taken off her skirt. Peters calls her forward for a close look at Wendy’s bottom. Three more cane strokes, then it’s Kara’s turn. She drops her knickers. 14 strokes will be shown. Peters fishes her knickers from her ankles with his cane so Kara can spread her legs and rise on tiptoes. Wendy out again for a few more strokes. Two lovely clear bottoms.

‘Harsh Caning’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A simple exercise in what we believe is the dining room set in the stone country house. Kara is decked out as a schoolgirl. Colin Dempsey is going to give her a spanking. At the start, she drops her knickers and presents a fuzzy mohawk. She takes up a revealing and uncomfortable position, on all fours on the dining room table. Cute. She then climbs down and lies over the table edge for a not-so-harsh caning this time. Colin teases her pussy with the cane tip. Maybe the same as ’Dempsey Caned.’

Kara Gives the Rod’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey plays a Top here. The set is the glass walled SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL set. She has her grip on schoolgirl Sarah Collins. Lovely Ms. Collins is bent over a desk and given the strap, white knickers down. Kara takes up a heavy cane, and it is still early in the film. About 33 rather hard strokes on this lovely bottom. Probably repeats in triplicate. Praise to KJD as a top. Sarah is quivering ever so slightly. Some bruises confirm the authenticity.

Kara Jayne in PJ’s’ (M/f; time:14 minutes) A fun film which combines many of the CP film staples—two piece pajamas, fireplace, wall mirror, staircase, hands on head, etc. 

A younger Agean calls delicious Kara Jane Dempsey down from upstairs. She wears two piece pink pajamas. When Agean tells her she is getting a spanking, her hands go to her bottom-nice professional acting.  Agean pulls down her bottoms together with her knickers and begins an OTK spanking. The camera moves around the scene.

He has her put her hands on a chair for the cane. She yelps and surges on each stroke. Hands on head to the wall.

Scene cut; Kara has her pj’s back on and sits with Agean. But it must be a rainy day in Britain and he has time to spare. He has her take her pj’s off and stand naked on the hearth, hands on head, legs spread. He handspanks and straps her as she stands. Closeups of her face in a wall mirror. 

Lesbian sexy girls’ (MF/2f; time: 17 minutes) Another film at the stone country house. Two familiar blondes, one we know is Kara Jayne Dempsey. Kara approaches the other and sticks her hand in the girl’s knickers to play with her. The girl being pleasured checks with the camera to see if we are enjoying it too.

A third woman catches them and will have the pleasure of spanking these two bottoms. She enters the house and reports them to Agean, who is wearing academic robes. He takes charge of the girls, they put hands on head, he pulls down their knickers. The first blonde will be spanked. She has a significant pubic patch, noteworthy in these films. The second pretty blonde, Kara, gets the same bend-over spanking.

Agean moves to the cane, the first blonde out again. She must be getting paid more to flash her pussy. Kara gets the same caning, lovely, tight little bottom. The girls are sent off after another frontal, the first girl on full display and Kara covered.

As these films go, the male dominant Agean will turn on the female supervisor, the older woman. She seems to accept her fate. Agean gives her an impressive bare bottom handspanking over the desk, and just when she thought she was done, he takes up the cane. This actually seems harder than the two schoolgirls got. White lines on a red bottom.

Stupid SG caned’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey full screen facial closeup. She is waiting in the glass walled punishment room, wearing a school uniform. Kara quickly strips down to just bra and knee socks—-blouse, skirt, tie, and white knickers off. Kara bends over the desk, a clear bottom. Peters steps up with a strap and cane. He has given a number of wonderful spankings on this set, which we have described. He begins with a strap, followed by 34 cane strokes shown, repeats from several angles. Glorious perfect bottom. Ms. Dempsey can take a closeup from either end. There are some wild strokes. Kara flashes a cute frontal, gathers her pile of clothes, and scurries off.

‘Swing Spanking’ (M/2f; time: 6 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey and Paige are on the set of the stone country house, apparently for a day’s film work with Agean and Peters. The girls wrestle on the lawn at the swing set. Paige gets Kara down on the ground, pulls down her knickers, and spanks her. Paige runs off.

Agean finds Kara rubbing her bottom, unacceptable behavior to him. (We saw Peters pass in the distance a moment ago.) Inside, he accosts Paige for being a bully. He bends her over a table for a handspanking and a strap. Throughout the film, except when Paige faces us briefly, we don’t see these lovely models’ faces.

Three Caned Schoolgirls’ (M/3f; time:31 minutes) This film is nothing more than the exploitation of three pretty girls and is entertaining in that aspect. It does not contain much serious CP. The girls are getting some end-of-term punishment to hold them over until next year.

The set is the familiar glass walled empty dance studio, with its frosted glass enclosure in the background, through which you can see the girls moving, and the pink of their flesh.

The scene opens with ponytailed blond ‘Asra’ standing before us, in just little white bikini panties, her melon boobs on full display. She is being scolded by the voice of the regular XEROTICS male disciplinarian Peters. He has her do some toe touches and reaches, full screen, turning around for some of them for the bend-over view. “Pull the knickers down, right down.”

Asra is sent into the glass enclosure to get two other girls. They must come out “without tops.” “No tops?” The girls, Kara Jayne Dempsey and Sarah Collins , return with Asra, stand in front of Peters in the briefest bikini panties and white knee socks. Very cute stuff, each girl.

They will begin the “end of term” workout. Facing us, then with backs to us, they do the bend and reach drill. “Faster.” Jog in place. Three jiggles, Asra especially. Panties down, hands on head, the girls are not completely happy with this. All three shaved.

Peters comes on-screen, smacking bottoms among them. Bend-overs for his belt, and bigger belt, and some mild caning, a dozen or more strokes, colorful for these magnificent bottoms. They hand him their panties and leave. A very entertaining film for these pros.

Audition with Agean’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Agean and Kara Jayne Dempsey interview blond Cathy for what must be a position to entertain at a party.   Cathy bends over a table and Kara pulls her black lace knickers down. Kara does the spanking, a weak caning. Cathy is hired and asked to bring a school uniform.

Kirsten Gould – XEROTICS

26 Oct

A triple threat model—Top, Bottom, and lesbian player.

Makeup spanking’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A brief one. Kirsty will spank a lusty blonde for helping herself to Kirsty’s cosmetics. Well filmed, full screen bottom. Kirsty is engrossed in punishing, delighting in pulling her thong out of the way.

Cane School‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) An encouraging title, especially when Kirsten is the Sub. She is dressed as a schoolgirl here, standing in front of a white backdrop. She is the only scenery we will need. Peters is going to cane her. After the most brief objection, just enough to increase the tension, she grabs her ankles, and is very athletic about it. She is hot and buxom, maybe a little improbable as a schoolgirl. It is a mild caning, knickers come down. But the marks seem heavy–she has been busy on this shooting day. She turns for a nice fuzzy frontal, Peters loves it. Some palm slaps, the slipper, and more of the cane. Full puss and seemingly real wheals.

Caned for playing’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Kirsty and Kara Jayne Dempsey on the glass walled SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRLS set. KJ is a delicious schoolgirl. Kirsty is a prefect or teacher. She takes Kara OTK for a conventional spanking, white knickers down. Kirsty gets a cane and decides she wants all Kara’s clothes off. She will do the undressing, although Kara could certainly have done it. There is a lesbian feel, prefect privileges. Skirt down, necktie off, blouse unbuttoned, then the white bra unhooked. This stripping is as erotic as the spanking. Kirsty teases with the cane tip then lays on 20 strokes shown, repeats. One errant aim catches Kara’s thigh and she grabs and yelps. Lovely blondes, nice performance.

caned sexy girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Not  the title. Surely one of the hottest canings we have seen in a while from XEROTICS. Kirsty and Peters in the glass walled room with the desk. Lots of bottom skin on this floor. Blond Kirsty wears a plaid kilt, blouse, and tie. She is being spanked as the scene opens. A series of cuts may mean this is not a complete video.

Peters takes up a cane and Kirsty will bend over. Kilt up, almost over her head, and white knickers down. Kirsty is very athletic. The muscles in her bottom seem to ripple. The caning pauses, she steps out of her knickers and unfastens her kilt. More caning, she touches toes, one of those girls who  easily can do it. Marks on her bottom now and some pussy winks.

Shoes off, more caning; another pause, off with the blouse and tie. She is naked. More very good caning. She is muscles all over..   Hands on head naked at the wall, the way to film a schoolgirl caning.

 ‘Creamy Lesbos’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Kirsten Gould in another performance with a  lesbian tinge to it. She and Hannah are undressing each other. Down to bra and knickers. Hannah gets naked and Kirsty gives her an experienced frigging. Then some  oral. And a wheelbarrow spanking! Including more frigging. Lust face. Then Hannah does Kirsty, not as aggressive. Lotion and oil for Hannah. 

‘Disgraceful Action’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Kirsten Gould comes up the stairs to find two girls, Hazel and Jasmina, in Lesbian play on a bed on the garret set. Just the kind of circumstance she loves She must have heard noises—she brought a tawse.

Kirsty assists the two girls in getting naked, rather roughly. She will spank them both, pry, probe, spit, and otherwise take her opportunity. She will sit on them and have her own fun as she spanks.

‘Having Fun’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) ’Brandfor’ lies on a bed in her purple bikini masturbating. Kirsty finds her and joins in the fun, as she is wont to do in many of her films. The girls undress and slank each other. Brandfor has got the boobs, and we haven’t see her before.

Kirsten Canes Rosaleen’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rosaleen reports to Kirsten in the glass-walled studio, with the blacked-out windows and wooden desk. It might be our imagination, but spankings here always seem to be harder. Rossy brings a teacher’s note. OTK without discussion, skirt up, bottle green regulation knickers. Down immediately. Kirsten tries to act intimidating, but she is not quite convincing. Lots a squawking and chatter, and some overhead shots on this set.

When Rosaleen is let up, she sasses Kirsten, which earns her more spanking. Over the desk, and she seen the cane coming. “Oh no, I’m not taking that.” Solid strokes, quite hard from Kirsty. lots of bruises for Rosaleen on the far buttock here.

‘Kirsten schoolgirl’ (M/2f; time: 45 minutes) Not the title and maybe not even an XEROTICS distribution. Kirsty with another schoolgirl we don’t recognize from the XEROTICS catalogue. The set however is the familiar classroom and its environs, the scene of many films shot from various positions.

Ms Gould is young here, and completely a Bottom. The master is a muttonchopped ageplay guy seen occasionally around. The girls have been getting help with their homework and lie about it. So the master will cane them. ’Johannson’ (Kirsty) bends over for 10 on her knickers, which the master pulls down.

‘Tuesday’: The girls arrive, more in civilian clothes now. They dress for gym in front of the master, skirts off, blouses tucked up, full regulation panties. Johannson gets a brief OTK spanking, as does ’Richmond.’ The master wants Johannson to spank Richmond, they mess up the positioning, because Kirsty is a lefty. The girls switch around, all mild, modesty intact.

Back to their desks, the girls share answers, are caught. The master does some mild caning, the girls cane each other, ineffectual and confusing.

‘Friday’: Bare bottom spanking from the master, the hardest yet.

‘Saturday’: No days off here, the girls are in civvies. Hands on head, the master has his cane. A lot of talk, knickers down, mild canings.

Kirsty Thrashes Hannah (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kirsty gives schoolgirl Hannah a convincing spanking on a couch on the garret room set. White knickers down immediately, and predictably, Kirsty pays a lot of attention to Hannah’s remarkable bottom. She likes to rub. She is buxom in her pink sweater. Hannah kneels on the couch for a very hot strapping. Hannah seems surprised at the intensity, Kirsty strokes with fingernails. Hug and laugh.

‘Forgot My Sauce’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Peters is going to spank hot little Kirsten. In CP films, the slightest domestic infraction can cost you. At REALSPANKING, Elizabeth Burns got a precoital spanking for not buttering the popcorn. Kirsten drops her pants and goes OTK, her head far over and touching the floor. Peters shifts her around to get a better angle. After a cut, Kirsten is up and bent over for the strap, her thong gone. A mild but cute caning to conclude.

Kirsty Gould- insane bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) An unusual film—Miss Parker and Kirsty, two dommes. Who will spank whom?  Parker wears a black dress and Kirsty a red sweater. The scene is the garret room.

After a long discussion, Kirsty pulls Parker’s knickers down. She is shaved. Kirsty gives her a close examination and finally takes her OTK. A harmless spanking. Peters interrupts the action, and Parker scurries off, her knickers hobbling her ankles. Looks like Kirsty is going to be spanked—must be another film.

Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) The two blondes with a scruffy and pervy-looking Peters, and a longer film, which means two bottoms. They’ve been truant. To begin, he has Hanne raise her schoolgirl kilt and drop her knickers. With Hanne on display, he takes Kirsty OTK and soon has her bottom bared. Handspanking. She struggles a bit more than usual. When Peters touches her labia with a finger, she jumps.

Kirsty bends over for the cane. She will get 14 and must count them out. When she messes up the count at a pause at 11, Peters sets the count back to 5. He runs her up to 40, with pauses for rubbing and fondling by him. “You are doing very very well.” He adds a 41st, of course the hardest. Some of his strokes were on the thighs, and a few dangerously high, and Peters has the experience.

Now Hanne, not so much. “Right, Miss arrogance, take them down.” She hands over her knickers. Peters examines them and is happy they are clean. Since Hanne has recently been spanked…”I know your bottom is sore”….she gets only a brief handspanking. Peters puts lotion on Kirsty’s bottom as she stands cornered, the cane handle between her cheeks .

Laundry Thief’ (M/f. Time: 42 minutes) AKA ’Aupair Theft’ A long film for this distributor. A blond house cleaner, Kirsty, Kirsten Gould, is working in an over lit kitchen when she finds a cache of money, American greenbacks. She wears a customary turtleneck sweater, very buxom. She takes a few bills and pulls down her thong and stuffs them between her legs. Peters returns and is going to the bank. He counts his money and discovers the short.

Peters is going to do a strip search. He might have checked her purse or coat, but this is more fun. First off is her sweater. She has an exciting figure. A girl like this shouldn’t have to clean houses. Peters pulls the bra down, checks in the cups, checks inside her shoes, and feels the pockets of her slacks. He is narrowing it down. She drops her slacks very carefully. Peters pulls her thong down and checks between her cheeks, where he finds the money wad. He pulls it out, rather gingerly, as you would expect.

‘late for shoot’ (MF/f; time: 12 minutes) Not the title. Kirsty seems to be handling spanking shoots. The set is the garage/office. She is angry at a brunette model for being late. The chunky brunette must strip, which she likes. Kirsten strips also for some lesbian play. Peters walks in and breaks up this play. He spanks and canes both girls.

No Pants’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kirsty and Peters. straightforward spanking in the familiar glass walled parquet floor room. Peters pulls up Kirsty’s skirt. She is not wearing knickers. clear bottom! Ms. Gould looks small and narrow hipped in these shots, but a hot and plucky model. She rolls around on Peters’ lap, fuzzy shots. Hands on chair for a cane, nice snaps. Hands on head, she tucks up her kilt.

Out All Hours’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Richard is waiting up for Kirsten . He must be very anxious, because he checks his watch every few seconds. Blond Kirstin arrives, gets scolded by the guy, a guardian of sorts. Of course he will practice spanking as a punishment.

He wants her jeans off, which she does almost before being asked. He is lefthanded, and Kirstin is confused as to how to lie over his lap. Hot struggling. Up she gets and bend over the couch for a strap. Her pussy is peeking through her thong strap. She has a hard time keeping position. The cane next, almost 20 strokes shown, from both sides. maybe repeats, but very hard and erotic.

Schoolgirls Trespass’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kirsty and Sarah Harvey Lewis frolic on fhe grounds of what we have called the ’mansion’ set. The silly girls are in full schoolgirl dress, boaters and blazers. They are trespassing.

Richard interrupts them and is able to take them inside and all the way up to the ’garret’ room, without a struggle.There, he will strap both girls at the couch as they bend over. Knickers will remain, as do their clothes. The cane to conclude.

Schoolgirls Sent Home’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Hazel and Caroline are sent home from school for uniform violations. The girls look good enough to us, but naked is always better. The girls are very amused by it all. The girls begin to take off their clothes. Hazel has melon boobs. Even Kirsty is surprised. “”Bloody hell, you look like a woman.” The girls are spanked and caned naked.

As Kirsty will do in so many films, she pries Hazel’s buttocks apart. “You look pretty wet to me.” She calls Hazel a “cow,” and plays with her vagina.

Soapy Spank’ (2f; time: 4 minutes) A sexy little interlude.Kirsty and Hanne, both stark naked, are oiling and playing with each other in what looks like a laundry room. Some silly spanking. Kirsty drops to her knees to give Hanne oral, don’t see much per XEROTICS code.

‘Soren and Kirsty’ (M/f; Time: 3 minutes) All too brief. Soren spanks Kirsty OTK on a couch. Plaid kilt up. White thong. Soren holds her wrists as she struggles.

Stolen Costume, Kristen, Jasmina’ (2f; time:6 minutes) Two gorgeous girls gambol about at the indoor pool used in a number of films where a wet bottom plays a part. The familiar backdrop of a Mediterranean balcony. The girls wear minimal bikinis. Blond Kirsten notices that frosted brunette Jasmina has stolen hers, so Kirsten takes it off. Jasmina reflexively covers, but just for a second. The girls check with the director.

Kirsten Gould bends Jasmina over, her bottom facing the camera. She is quite naked. Kirsten begins spanking her, checking between her thighs to see if she is excited. There is a collection of canes on the floor in the shot, but they won’t be used in this episode. Kirsten kneels in front of Jasmina, but there is no action. Jasmina leaves without her bikini.

Studio Caning’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Kirsten narrates her fierce caning. The set is the familiar glass walled punishment room. She shows us her white knickers, and she is fairly popping out of her blouse. Peters starts with the cane. Kirsty bends over—we’ve seen, this model can bend double. The first 12 strokes are on her knickers, the last few intentionally on her thighs, which propels her out of position.

Knickers down, Peters keeps it up. 5 on the bare, she screams. All sorts of marks. Then her bottom gets a breather—a session of palm slaps with a slipper. Bend-over again for a few from the slipper, and 8 more of the cane, counted out. Some on the buttocks crease. Real welts, low shots show the damage. A significant punishment for this series.

watching girl get spanked’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) An older guy sits on a couch with a completely naked brunette. He calls in blonde Kirsty. He is going to spank her while the naked brunette watches and plays with herself, legs open. It is mild stuff, although Kirsty struggles, first OTK then bending over the couch for a slipper. More closeups of the brunette than Kirsty. 

Kirsten and Miss Lina – SPANKINGSARAH

23 Oct

F/f; time: 42 minutes

Not sure of identities here except Kirsten Gould. A long spanking film for her. Lina catches Kirsty lolling, reading magazines. She goes to get her collection of spanking implements. Kirsty is going to get spanked every which way. She accepts her fate and pulls down her jeans. Routine OTK. Lina pulls down Kirsty’s thong. The implements go to work—floppy paddle, slipper, strap, and hairbrush. Kirsty keeps modest throughout.

Clare Fonda and Veronica Burns – GIRLSPANKSGIRL

19 Oct

F/2f; time: 1 hr 15 min.

Another of the rare appearances of Veronica/Elizabeth Burns outside of the REALSPANKINGS entries. Here, Clare and Elizabeth will spank three girls, Anthea, Kelly, and Sophie.

Clare is leaving her daughters Anthea and Kelly with the intimidating Elizabeth for a ”weekend with me….they will be new girls when you get back.” We see the girls in their pajamas. Cut (there are awkward plot changes we stopped trying to decipher) to Sophie, who is Elizabeth’s daughter. She reeks of cigarettes and will be the first bottom up. OTK, ”bare bottom.” Burns loves the ritual language. Dress off, Elizabeth has a pillow over her lap to improve the position. Burns looks buxom here—she has never flashed a vlimpse we have seen. Sophie kneels on a chair for more. She is blistered.

New scene, the sisters are summoned. Redhead Anthea is spanked first. Burns tskes her dress off and pulls down her knickers. Very good at this. Fast spanking. Kelly watches. Kelly next, again Burns helps to get to the bare skin. Bottoms on display.

Burns will soap Kelly’s potty mouth. She moistens a bar of soap and scrubs Kelly’s tongue then jams the bar in, one of the more aggressive depictions of soaping we have seen.

Choppy cut again, the girls are writing apologies as Burns brandishes a ruler. Palm slaps for the girls, then they pull their knickers down for the ruler.

The hairbrush next, and Burns is changing her outfits, to illustrate the passage of time.

Clare returns, and now some money is missing. Both women will spank. Anthea and Kelly together, bare bottom. And Sophie is spanked last. Back and forth. And Sophie gets the soap, same thorough job.